You Think 2020 Was A Bad Year?

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If you think 2020 was a bad year, wait and see what 2021 has instore for us. According to Nostradamus, we could be in for an even more disastrous year. The French astrologer and doctor is said to have accurately foretold some of the most monumental events in the last few hundred years. From the Great Fire of London to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and the horrors of the Second World War and from the French Revolution to the creation of the atomic bomb, Nostradamus’s predictions have been eerily accurate. He is even said to have known John F Kennedy would be assassinated and the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York would happen. Now Nostradamus has some terrifying prophecies for 2021. He predicts everything from a Zombie Apocalypse to a Comet hitting Earth and even Solar Storms.