My Day At Work

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Today I went to work with Davidd because Razzi was being lazy and didn’t want to get out of bed. This was the first time I have ever been out in the car and it was an exciting time. The wind was blowing and the snow didn’t let up but it was still a fun day. While we waited for one person we had a little detour to Crosby beach and I sat looking at the Iron Men on the beach. I have to say it is one thing being an Iron Man in the summer when it is warm but it is another thing entirely when it is freezing cold and the tide is coming in. They looked positively subzero!

I Love Stationary

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Ihave always loved stationery. Back in the day I used to love wadding around WH Smith playing with the pens and the paper and even the odd stapler or two. Don’t even get me started on binders and hole punches. There was nothing I enjoyed more than visiting the mecca of the paperclip, the shrine to cellotape. The heaven of paper. As the years slowly flew by WH Smith was surpassed by the stationery superstore that is Staples.


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The rudeness of people never ceases to amaze me. Today, someone who made an appointment with Davidd and I wasn’t in when we went to pick her up. Surely it doesn’t take a second to send a text and just let us know? It would save us time, money and the sheer inconvenience. Company policy is that anyone who fails to give us a full 48 hours-notice will be charged the full price for our time. We have always thought this to be a little harsh so, doing people a favour, we don’t hold them to this and simply ask them to text us if they cannot make their appointment – and then they still pull a stroke like the one today!

Poopa Scoopa Operator Required

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Since we updated Jammy Toast last month with a new theme we have been listening to what people had to say. If you didn’t like something then we got Edward to change it. If someone said our logo was too “bling” then we got Egginanoo to design a new one. This is because we like to listen to our friends. Meanwhile, I run around looking after the bears and making sure their every whim is catered for. And that is it. That is the entire workforce of Jammy Toast.

Razzi To The Rescue

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Woolton Road; the scene of the close shave!

We would all like to apologise for there being no post on the blog last night. Razzi and I had an awful day in which, thanks to Razzi’s lightening reflexes, we just about managed to survive. We were working late and it was getting dark as we were driving through Garston over in Liverpool. The evening rush hour had quietened when we were travelling along Woolton Road at about 40 mph. As we came upon a side road on our left, a car over-shoots the junction and pulls out into the road right in front of us. We had no choice but to swerve to miss the car and this put us into the path of an oncoming car. We were facing certain injury and maybe even death.