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Our favourite bear is to appear on a new set of stamps to be released by the Post Office. Paddington Bear along with Bagpuss, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig and Shaun the Sheep feature on the new set of stamps. Andy Pandy, Ivor the Engine, Dougal from The Magic Roundabout, Windy Miller, Mr Benn and Great Uncle Bulgaria also feature in the Royal Mail’s celebration of 60 years of children’s television. The Classic Children’s TV stamps will be released on 7th January.

The Paddington Bear Stamp

The Paddington Bear Stamp

Postman Pat is seen with his “black and white cat” Jess, while Andy Pandy is joined in his picnic basket by fluffy pal Teddy. Welsh locomotive Ivor, meanwhile, is shown being driven by Edwin Jones, more commonly known as “Jones the Steam”.

“For over 60 years, Britain’s children’s TV characters have brought cheer to generations of viewers,” said Royal Mail Stamps’ Andrew Hammond. “It feels appropriate to celebrate all of these unforgettable characters on a set of very special stamps.”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Bagpuss and the 50th anniversary of The Magic Roundabout.
Big-screen versions of Postman Pat and Paddington Bear are scheduled to be released in UK cinemas later this year.

If you want a set of these stamps they will be available from January 7th online, by phone and in 10,000 Post Offices throughout the UK.


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