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The first episode of Dan’s World is dedicated to Paddington the Bear. I mean, why not? The first book about Paddington was written in 1958 by the great writer Michael Bond – sixty one years ago. Michael Bond had been writing about Paddington for sixty years and it was the first thing I bought in London when I visit Paddington Station. This is also how Paddington came there. He went all the way as a stowaway from darkest Peru where he used to live with his Aunt and his late Uncle. He went to London and then he emerged on Paddington Station and that is where the Browns, an English family, took him in.

That was not a very easy thing to do. It looked easy in the first book by Michael Bond but it wasn’t so easy in the movie. It is shown brilliantly by the director and the screenwriter, Paul King, because he adapt many things and changed many things so that we can see the real London as it is today.

Some people would say that the films are quite naïve – probably but at the same time we are all kids inside. It would be wonderful if we were all kind to each other and it would be wonderful to have great manners like Paddington and doff our hats to people we meet. To be polite, I see nothing wrong with that.

The cast in the film is brilliant. You have got to be listening to Ben Wishaw, who voicing Paddington. His voice is terrific and also he says that he identifies himself with Paddington and I also can identify myself with Paddington the Bear. I am also very clumsy and I often break things or maybe do some horrible things which I do – but not on purpose.

Also there are some brilliant villains. In the first movie it was Nicole Kidman, an evil woman and an evil taxidermist who was hunting for Paddington. In the second movie it was greedy actor who was self-obsessed played by Huge Grant – a brilliant actor.

Although both movies are for the family and about the family they are showing us that a house is not a home, that a house needs to be filled with people we love and probably a bear we love.

So read about Paddington, watch Paddington and stay safe.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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Swedish Dan

I was born in Sweden and came to live in London in 2016. English is not my first language but I am get better since I come to live in England. Swedish is very Germanic and makes English difficult to learn and understand. One day I would like to be a writer, so I asked Davidd if I could come and practice my English and my writing here on Jammy Toast. Maybe the bears will also help me?

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  1. This politics malarkey is hard work . I couldn’t care less what the council of this or the board of that say . I just want people not to have to lie on a trolley in a hospital corridor, schools to have enough books , and not to have to step over people asleep in the street .

  2. Instagram influencers who will hold scissors up to their hair like they plan to cut it but then fake you out and just put like conditioner in it… unwatchable cowards.

  3. “When a child plays with his bear the bear comes alive and there is at once a child-bear relationship. Then the child gets inside his bear and looks at it the other way round: that’s how BEAR feels about it… and sympathy is born.”


  4. Rolf report Nov 27

    One of my Twitter friends sent me a cat toy in the shape of a jammie dodger biscuit. My human was trying much too hard to interest me in playing with it. As soon as he stopped forcing it on me, I liked it. Rolfie only plays on Rolfie’s terms.

    Rolf x

  5. Recording Jools Holland’s radio show today with him… as I’m going by train, I really should have left 2 days ago to allow for Greater Anglia delays and problems.

  6. I love sitting on this shelf and looking out of the window – especially when it’s raining outside. I spend ages just thinking about things. My human says that cats are lucky because we don’t have to think about things like politics. She wishes she was a cat.

  7. Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight?

    Dad: *nudging me* that should’ve been you

    Me: Not now Dad

    Dad: You could at least go & see if they need someone to Google stuff on their phone.

  8. We have a lovely warm snuggly rug in the school library. I love nothing more than having a roll around on it then waiting for the little people to pass by to give me a tummy tickle.

  9. Clive James has died, the best telly critic that ever there was, who once described Barbara Cartland’s face as looking like two crows that had crashed into the white cliffs of Dover.

    RIP Clive James

  10. I remember in 1992, just before the General Electtion a leaked document said that the Tories were gonna privatise the railways. They denied it. They won the election and privatised the railways. This is what’s gonna happen to the NHS. They can’t be trusted.

    1. Napoli are cutting about town with 9 irons and coshes and our plod are collecting revenue for the state dishing out litter fines and slamming people with speeding fines for going 4 miles over the limit.

  11. Was at a funeral all day a close family friend who I remember spending loads of time with when I was a kid.. him and his wife we’re together 39 years they met when they 13 he was only in his 50’s.. all everyone kept saying was we never see each other.. life really is too short :broken-heart:

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