Don’t Let Him Out!

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A man was jailed yesterday, unfortunately only for eight months, after admitting stealing from charity shops and poppy appeal tins – just weeks after being released from prison for the same crime. Bradley Higham was sentenced at Warrington Crown Court after admitting the thefts in Frodsham and Helsby. He was jailed for eight months to run concurrently.

Higham, who stole a box from a bank in Frodsham and a hotel in Mickle Trafford, was also given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Chief Inspector Jon Ward said the crimes caused “shock and anger” in the community. Cheshire Police said Higham’s thefts, between 6th and 11th November last year, also included taking a collection for the British Legion appeal from a convenience store in Thelwall and a St Rocco’s Hospice charity box from a chip shop in Padgate.

It was his second conviction for the offence after he was jailed for five months last July for the same offense of stealing from Poppy tins in November 2010. But Higham will be released in a matter of weeks as his guilty plea means he will serve half of the eight month sentence, less 65 days already spent in custody.

Chief Inspector Jon Ward said; “The nature of this man’s crimes generated a sense of shock and anger within the community and we are pleased with the decision of the courts to imprison Higham for what can only be described as a despicable pattern of offending. He clearly holds no regard or respect for those who have given their lives in conflict both past and present, and it was this sense of resentment that caused the community to react and assist in the police investigation to track Higham down and bring him to justice quickly. He will now have time to reflect on his behaviour behind bars where we can only hope that the consequences of his actions will be realised.”

Maybe it is time we followed America’s example and adopt a three strike rule similar to theirs. In some States in America if you break the same law three times they lock you up and throw the key away – we can think of no better suited candidate for similar treatment over here!

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22 Comments on “Don’t Let Him Out!”

  1. Most shameful thing ever, in the asda and my step dad starts shouting at security to check my bag then runs after me and grabs me so I can’t move shouting ‘I’ve got her’ sly

  2. Been awake since half 3, been to work all day, out for tea and then practically forced at gun point to go to meadowhall! And all mostly because of marie the pissed up waste of space! GET ME TO BED!!

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