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After Dogg Died It Was A Couple Of Years Before We Got Luna.. We Was Petless.. One Nite I Was In The Kitchen && Went Out The Back To Put Some Rubbish In The Bin.. There Was Two Eyes Lookin At Me.. At First I Thought It Was A Little Dog So I Said Hello && Went To Fetch Him Wonderin How He Got In Our Garden.. It Wasnt A Dog Though It Was A Cat.. I Said Hello To Him Bt He Was Too Scared To Come Anywhere Near Me.. When I Went Back Inside I Told Me Mum && She Said That She Had Seen It Too Bt It Was Feral && Wouldnt Come Anywhere Near Her.. I Kept Seein It Every So Often Bt He Wouldnt Come Near Me Bt He Never Run Away Either.. He Just Stood Where He Was While I Was Talkin To Him.. This Was Back In The Days When I Worked For The Kwik-E-Mart && I Started Takin Tins Of Salmon && Pieces Of Cooked Chicken That Was Bein Thrown Out For Bein On Its Sell By Date.. It Softened The Cat Up Towards Me && He Started Comin Towards Me Whenever I Went Out The Back In Case I Had Some Salmon For Him..

This Carried On For Ages && Then When The Winter Came He Started Comin Into The Kitchen For His Salmon.. He Had His Own Bowls By This Time.. One For His Salmon && One For His Milk.. He Would Eat When He Wanted && Then Leg It.. As The Weeks Moved On He Started Hangin Round More.. He Would Have His Eats && Then Hang Round For Some Attention.. He Was Lyk A Smokey Colour With Orange Coloured Eyes; Me && Me Mum Called Him Dusty.. Eventually He Stated Comin In The Front Room With Us && Watchin The Soaps, He Loved Bein Tickled && Stroked.. I Read Somewhere That You Pick Ur Dog Bt A Cat Picks You && Thats How It Was With Dusty.. He Just Turned Up One Day && Slowly Moved In..

He Got To Know Me Sisters && People Who Regularly Called At The House && They Always Asked How Dusty Was When I Saw Them.. He Loved Lyin On The Couch At Night && Me Mum Bought Him A Bed So He Could Stay In When We Went To Bed && Sleep In His Own Bed.. He Would Curl Up In It Sometimes For A Sleep If There Was Nothin On The Telly Bt He Didnt Really Lyk Stayin In All Night.. When It Was Bedtime He Would Always Go Out && Disappeared Until The Next Night.. Then One Night I Went To Bed Early Cos I Was Knackered && He Followed Me Upstairs.. I Was Sure He Just Wanted To Know Where I Was Goin Bt When He Saw Me Get In Bed He Climbed In With Me.. That Was It, He Now Slept With Me Every Night Curled Up On The Pillow Next To Me..

Then He Disappeared For A Couple Of Days && I Was Beginnin To Get Worried When He Reappeared With Some Damage To His Head.. He Had Obviously Been In A Fight With Something.. Dog, Cat, Fox, Who Knows What It Was Bt He Wasnt Very Well.. I Took Him The Vet && They Reckoned He Had An Infection In One Of The Cuts On His Head.. They Sewed Him Up && Gave Him Some Antibiotics To Clear Up The Infection && He Was Fine.. I Think It Scared Him Though Cos He Stayed At Ours For A Few Days Without Goin Outside.. He Soon Got His Confidence Back Though && Was Soon Back To His Usual Self..

He Turned Up Every Night Around Teatime, Ate His Salmon && Then Watched The Soaps.. He Would Then Either Come To Bed With Me Or Go Out For The Night && Return At Teatime The Next Night.. That Was His Daily Routine && He Never Varied It Except For The One Time He Got Hurt In The Fight.. It Carried On Lyk This For A Couple Of Years.. Dusty Became Part Of The Family.. He Had His Own Blanket On The Couch With Cat Paws On It..

Then He Disappeared Again..

At First We Thought He Had Been In The Wars Again && Would Return In A Couple Of Days Time Needin Sewin Up Again — Bt He Didnt.. The Days Become Weeks && We Never Heard Frm Him.. We Started Askin Around The Neighbours && Everyone Had Seen Him Bt Not Recently.. No One Knew Where He Was.. We Made Posters && Put Them Up Around The Estate Sayin We Had Lost A Cat..

One Day, Some Guy Frm Up The Road Come Knockin On The Door && Asked If The Cat We Lost Was Steve’s Cat.. I Was Lyk, “Who The Hell Is Steve??” He Explained That Steve Lived On The Corner Of Our Road Next Door To This Guy Who Was Knockin On Our Door && He Had A Cat Who Looked Just Lyk The Photo On The Poster; Our Dusty.. Except Steve Had Moved!! He No Longer Lived On The Corner, He Had Moved To Leyland To Be Nearer Work && He Had Obviously Taken Dusty With Him.. To Make It Worse, This Guy Didnt Have The Address Where He Had Moved To Or His Phone Number.. We Had No Way Of Gettin In Touch With Him..

I Drove Past The House On The Way To Work && There Was A “SOLD BY” Sign On The House.. I Rang The Estate Agents && Explain What Had Happened && Could They Give Me Steve’s Number.. They Said They Couldnt Bt They Would Give Him My Number && He Could Get In Touch With Me.. && So He Did.. Steve Rang Me && Said That “Doran” Was A British Shorthair, He Had Bought Him Frm The Breeder && It Was Definately His Cat.. I Told Him I Wasnt Tryin To Make Trouble, I Didnt Want The Cat Back If He Was His Cat, I Just Really Wanted To Know That He Was Okay.. I Also Explained That He Had Been Livin With Us For The Last Couple Of Years, Had His Own Bed At Ours.. Steve Explained That He Worked Nights Which Was Why He Was Probably Lookin For Attention In The Evenings Bt That He Had A Cat Flap && Could Get Back Inside Whenever He Wanted..

I Was Happy That Dusty/Doran Was Alright Bt Couldnt Help Bt Feel He Had Used Me, The Little Git..

Think I Will Stick To Dogs In The Future..

Traa xx

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64 Comments on “Dusty The Cat”

  1. Cats are opportunistic animals. I adopted a stray cat, too, and after about a year when I took him to the vet, it turns out he had a microchip and he lived about 1,000 feet away from me, the little stinker. The vet turned him over to his owner, and the next day the cat was back. The original owner would come around and collect the cat, but fortunately for me, he had two pitbulls that the cat disliked and eventually the owner stopped coming around. That was three years ago. I guess he’s here for good.

  2. UK CAT ADVISORY: I’m sorry to report that humans will again be spending more time in your homes. Our advice is to make the most of their presence by requesting additional treats and maybe a second lunch.

  3. Watching this bloke walk round a gaff in st Lucia on a place in the sun for the 2nd time in 2 days, n I hate him even more today, why is it always the bell ends who are loaded.

  4. One day at school for those poor kids! All those infections that will have happened today leading to deaths in the community. There’s nothing they’ve found out today that they didn’t know last week. Government is not working for us, it’s working against us.

  5. “What I like doing best is Nothing,” said Christopher Robin.
    “How do you do Nothing?” asked Pooh, after he had wondered for a long time.
    “It means just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”
    “Oh!” said Pooh.

  6. Rolf report 5 Jan

    Ever since my human put my “Rolf’s Kingdom” sign on top of the tall bookcase, I’ve been hanging out there much more, viewing the outside world. I can monitor the squirrels & birds in the trees & the neighbourhood terror cat if he trespasses in my garden.

    Rolf x

  7. My human told me that many of you say nice things about ET’s tail so Kate made a little film of her going into the shed. It’s not only her tail that’s special, her voice is too. My human says she’s a ‘chatterbox’ but I’ve never heard that word before, have you?

  8. Good morning and welcome to Lockdown Day 8735. The toilet paper wars start at 10, children will invade your zoom call every five minutes from 11, Tiger King will be broadcast at 3, and the nine billionth virtual quiz starts at 8 – it’s all about celery this time so get revising.

  9. The baby is running round the house shouting “BORIS IS STUPID” and my other child has just taken delivery of a cardboard cut out of Danny fucking Devito for some reason. ITS ONLY DAY ONE OF LOCKDOWN!!

    I picked the wrong time to give up alcohol and go on a low carb diet didn’t I?

  10. I’ve been in 20’s room. There were about a dozen cables plugged in that didn’t appear to do anything so I turned them all off in case you’re wondering why your screen just went blank.

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