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Isaid last month that, with my drawings, sometimes I want to draw hundreds of things and there are not enough hours in the day to finish everything I start and other times I just can’t get started. So it has proven this month as I have been drawing everything that moves. It has been difficult to choose which ones to show you all and which ones to maybe leave for another day. If I had my way I would just publish the lot but Edward keeps bending my ear about bandwidth and space on the server; so I am restricted to half-a-dozen a month.

There is really a mixed bag of drawing also this month. From an old photograph of Chester I decided to draw a street scene with the shop having such high detail it took me a very long time but I think the effort was worth it as I am quite pleased with the outcome. One of the quickest drawings this month was the Metropolitan Cathedral. Although it is quite a rough drawing there is just something about it I really like.

I think my favourite drawing this month is of the people walking out to Hilbre Island. I got the inspiration from the story Davidd did last month about the Island and I am rather pleased with that one too. Although not technically one of my better drawings it does convey how wet and cold a walk out to Hilbre can be when the sun is not out.

Finally, to say goodbye to an old friend who announced his retirement the other day, I decided to draw Steve Ballmer. I do not think things around Microsoft will be as interesting now he has gone as they were. Who can ever forget his Developers Conference speech!

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I hope you like some of my drawings and even if you don’t, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.



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40 Comments on “Egginanoo’s Art #15”

  1. Hahaha I love HORACE when it features the bear, he is so funny and quite appropriate for Jammy Toast.

    Not keen on the cowboy, though.

    Great drawings again, Eggy. I am your number one fan!!

  2. Well just waiting around now waiting to go the airport, had an amazing weekend! Figured out I can read french a lot better than english, experienced the scariest train jurneys ever, witnessed someone sleal a wod of money of someone got stared at with my flatforms and glittery nike blazors, and coming home with a new ring !!!

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