Egginanoo’s Art #18

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Garfield is copyright © Paws, Inc. If you like the cartoons we reproduce here on Jammy Toast then please consider purchasing some of the Garfield books. They are available through and are available in colour, are better quality and make an all-round good read!

About the Author

Egginanoo Bear

I am the artistic bear here at Jammy Toast. I arrived at the Bear Sanctuary in a cardboard box which was too small for me, which wasn't a very nice way to arrive. I have an eye for art and so they made me responsible for the artwork and design here at Jammy Toast. I am also a girlie so they make me right about female issues too…

16 Comments on “Egginanoo’s Art #18”

  1. Sorry to everyone who was trying to visit Jammy Toast during the last half hour and was unable to because of a MySQL Database Error. This fault has now been fixed!

  2. Sorry I am too busy to comment tonight as I am sitting in my daughter’s pretend restaurant. The service is horrible here and the prices are outrageous!

  3. Here av just woke up from another mental dream man a was in this MASSIVE jungle house in the middle of the forest with Emma , James and Skinny hahah and loads of other people a didn’t know and we had to do loads of obstacle courses and that and there was only one bathroom and it was Stephens bathroom (this lad a know from primary school) and everyone had to cue to use it but I kept being at the front and a was DYING for a wee and everytime a kept wanting to go for one Skinny kept pulling is by me feet all the way down the line, everyone would join in till the last person would swing is round and chuck is in the sea and a never got to go to the toilet and started crying and Superlee was in bed and she wouldn’t help me cause she had bought this little turtle she couldn’t leave and then Emma locked herself in the bathroom with James and a was just like EHHHHHH then Connor came and started telling is a need to take a pregnancy test and that so a did and I was pregnant then me mam and dad were proper screaming at us and then telling us they’re excited and a was so confused a ended up in the back of this big black van with some men and they shut the doors and a woke up :|

    Someone please help my dreams are making me mentally ill

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