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Hello and welcome to my first column of 2015, I hope you all had a great New Year. This month I thought I would draw some places we will all recognise and because they are both visited so often we tend not to notice them that much. I decided to draw them just in pencil because you tend to see more detail in a single tone drawing than when you use colour. It is not easy capturing tone and light when drawing in a single tone either so it is more demanding than when using colour.

My first drawing is of the Liverpool waterfront at sunset. Because it is drawn just in the grey of a pencil it tends to look dark just like at dusk and so it tends to help with the feeling of a darkening scene…

Liverpool Waterfront

Liverpool Waterfront

My second drawing is of Lime Street Station where the shape of the roof leads to a very interesting effect as the lines along the walls and ceiling head down to the dark of the tunnel ahead. It almost feels like a scene from a spaceship…

Lime Street Station

Lime Street Station

I hope you enjoyed my drawings this month and if you would like to see me drawing anything in particular for a future column then just drop me a line.

Take care people!

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