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Some of you may remember when I used to produce drawings for us each month and have my own column dedicated to art in general and my pencil drawings in particular. Then I got busy with the artwork for Jammy Toast and my column went by the board. Now, you might be pleased to hear, Davidd has decided to re-introduce my column but with a difference. I used to draw using a set of pencils which were bought for me and I got pretty good at it too – you can see many of my drawings if you click on the Art & Toons > Egginanoo’s Art > Drawings menu above.

Now I have taken things a step further for my birthday, everyone bought me some paints and a set of brushes and I have been busy painting. Celebrities, scenes around the Wirral, scenery and even a Dodge Viper for Davidd – it’s his favourite car of all time.

The only thing is, it has given me a little dilemma. As you all know, Jammy Toast has always been produced in Black & White with some Red thrown in for good measure. Renault Bears can only see Black & White plus Red because we eat so much Jammy Toast, so why would we need any other colours? We do make an exception for Flat Eric, he is allowed to use the colour yellow because he is yellow. Now the artistic juices are running again and I want to paint pictures for my column using… FULL COLOUR! [Mayhem!]

Never in the history of Jammy Toast have we ever done anything that wasn’t just Black, White, Red and/or Yellow.

So I asked Davidd and he decided we should ask your opinion. We would like to know what our Toasters think. Take a look at my new paintings by clicking on the Art & Toons > Egginanoo’s Art > Paintings menu and tell us what do you think. Is my artwork good enough in Black & White or should we introduce full-colour paintings for Jammy Toast going against twelve years of tradition?

Davidd says the choice is yours, so use it wisely!

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I am the artistic bear here at Jammy Toast. I arrived at the Bear Sanctuary in a cardboard box which was too small for me, which wasn't a very nice way to arrive. I have an eye for art and so they made me responsible for the artwork and design here at Jammy Toast. I am also a girlie so they make me right about female issues too…

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