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Hello everyone, my name is Erik and I am a teddy bear. I have come to introduce myself as this seems to be the week of introductions – if they can do it, I can do it too. I tend to write things for Jammy Toast from time to time because everyone seems to get a chance except us run-of-the-mill bears, we never seem to get a chance. Just because I cannot woo the girls like Razzi or solve computer problems like Edward or answer really difficult questions like Einstein doesn’t mean I cannot write something interesting for you. So that is what I do now to introduce myself…

I arrived here at Jammy Toast in July 2011, with no name and very little hope of finding one. I was a little loud and even a bit rude at the time because as soon as I arrived I stole The Bearkeeper’s hat, furthermore, it has not been off my head since. I even remember telling Razzi that I was hungry and wanted some extra Jammy Toast because it had been a couple of days since I had eaten. Razzi was cool and got me some extra toast – he has been my friend ever since.

I have no idea where I came from although I believe, from what others tell me, that I was rescued from a car boot in Sale, Manchester. Just how I got there is anybody’s guess but at least I ended up coming to the right place. Since I arrived, I have had nothing but a laugh and love living at the Jammy Toast Teddy Bear Home. Take today for example, all I have done is get up, eat my Jammy Toast and sit in front of the telly watching Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy – as always!

It is funny but, just like you, we bears have heroes too. My hero is Eddie Bear; who I have never really met. In case you didn’t read Jammy Toast the other day; Eddie is the Renault Bear who started everything off by going on holiday with The Bearkeeper and Miss Chimpton way back in December 2006. While they were away, mostly because of the fun they had with Eddie, they decided to start off Jammy Toast and no one has ever looked back since. I hope to meet Eddie one day and find out just what happened, “back in the day”.

Maybe when I do meet him, I could come and tell you all about it.

Until then… peace and love!

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I am fairly new to this writing on a blog malarkey so you will have to forgive me until I get the hang of it. I have asked if I can write on here but I still don''t really know what I am going to be writing about. Watch this space, I guess…

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