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We have grown quite fond of Moby recently and have been searching high and low for a video to accompany “Everloving”. This has proven difficult because there doesn’t appear to be an official video to accompany the release of the track and the videos with Moby playing the song live aren’t as good as the original version of the song. So, Houston we have a problem. Then just as we were about to give up on the project, Edward reminded us that back in the very early days of Jammy Toast we used to make our very own videos. Indeed we used to post them on YouTube and they proved quite popular gaining thousands of views. Then Google purchased the video-sharing site and started getting very serious about copyright and our videos were removed. A sad day, indeed!

So we set Edward the task of producing a video of Moby’s Everloving for us to post on one of our Bear Music Sundays. Everything Edward touches usually turns to gold but we didn’t expect it to be as good as it has turned out.

So here for you delectation is Edward’s first film in about ten years.


Moby – Everloving

Moby – Everloving

Back to normality with Bear Music next Sunday.

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30 Comments on “Everloving”

  1. I wish Moby had put more piano into the mix. Like in the middle section… gets me everytime! Nevertheless, still a very powerful song! Love it!

  2. Just found out my toilet was leaking at the wax ring at the base. Ripped the toilet out to fix it, but now I don’t know where to barf while I do.

    Guess it’s a case of fecal mind over fecal matter!

  3. Guess who got to the music first at work this morning? Much ninja groaning and questions about my sexuality. You know what ? I don’t care . Hits the play button… on second thoughts Kylie may of been a step too far!

  4. I hope there is no nuclear war, but on a side note, I ran out of bread, so put slices of sweet potato into the toaster (twice down on max) & basically made toast using a vegetable & my genius wit.

  5. Wish I could say some of the things my daughter says to me, and get away with it. For instance, she told me the other day: “I don’t want to be an Adult when I don’t have to be.”

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