Fat Club Revisited #1

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This week my dad and I became the new members of fat fighters, okay well dad became one of their new members I went along for the skit.  Its a pretty large (excuse the pun) group of chunks and non chunketts it even includes family members, including the husband of lead fat fighter, Johnny who for the record I don’t think his main issue is with food its with his first love, alcohol.  This group is like AA if there not talking about food its alcohol. It seems dad is the only one sat around the circle who hasn’t got a problem with the bottle, they all love slugging anything and everything they can, especially spirits as apparently you can drink more of due to the fat content!

I must admit I was laughing as at one stage of the little clapping session and pats on the back for gaining weight for yet another week one member when asked why she had put on weight simply sat back in her chair and said “I hate men, I hate kids and I hate dogs” her fellow chunkett beside her turned and said “listen love that’s another group not this one” the rest of the group thought this quite funny.

There are some odd members including one who said that she had put on weight this week due to her having a tattoo and that she had fluid retention, I couldn’t hold back on that I did say fairly loudly, IBUPROFEN. I do believe that was the best excuse I had heard ever! She was totally serious and proudly showed everyone her new tattoo.

All I can say is I’m glad dad has decided to give it another go and we will try to get him a little slimmer in the forthcoming weeks.  We have made a little target between us, that this coming week he will try and loose at least 7lb.  I’ll try and keep you updated with our mission.

Hope you all have a HEALTHY weekend.  Love Chimpton xx

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