Fat Club Revisited

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Those of you who have been following the Blog for more than twelve months may remember that I used to go to Fat Club every Thursday. Well spending so much of my time lazing around watching Telly and eating Jammy Toast with the Bears, means that the old waistband has been expanding again. It is time to get back to see what Fat Club can do to help.

Tonight I am going for the initial weigh-in and then I will be going each Thursday. I will report how I get on each week and keep you informed about the exploits of the group and of course, do not forget the woman who runs it all, Marjorie Dawes.

It will be tough; it will mean no more McDonald’s, KFC or Subways, because Marjorie is quite fierce when it comes to anyone who breaks the rules. You may have seen her on Little Britain but she likes it if group members stop eating food and instead live on dust for sustenance.

I will keep everyone informed of how I get on each week, if Marjorie does not kill me first!

Watch this space.

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15 Comments on “Fat Club Revisited”

  1. Omg propper fummin been to college three times and allreaddy got my 1st warning :@ I wudnt even mind but it was from an IT teacher I’m there to do hairdresing and there maken me do IT pffft it’s a joke I’ve alreaddy got IT qualifications don’t need to do it all again :/

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