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You may remember Finn the Police Dog who we have featured previously on Jammy Toast after he was seriously injured defending his handler from a knife wielding burglar. Finn was nearly knifed to death saving his partner and is now to receive the animal George Cross – a PDSA Gold Medal. German shepherd Finn and PC Dave Wardell had cornered a robbery suspect when Finn was knifed twice with a 10in blade. PC Wardell said: “In a split second I saw the man lunge at Finn. As he pulled away I saw a 10in blade, covered in Finn’s blood. The man then lunged at me but Finn, despite being seriously hurt, grabbed hold of the suspect and stopped him landing a fatal blow. My hand was cut and Finn’s head sliced open. His grip remained, pulling at the suspect’s leg to stop him from escaping over a fence.”

Finn has since made an amazing recovery from the attack in October 2016 so much so, he was back on duty 11 weeks later. He gets his medal tomorrow at a PDSA event at Cheltenham Racecourse, the first such public award.

PC Wardell said his partner saved his life in the attack in Stevenage, Herts. He added: “I am bursting with pride. Finn’s a true gem and embodies everything special about police dogs.”

His canine partner has now retired but inspired a Finn’s Law campaign to make it an offence to attack service dogs and horses. At present thugs face just a criminal damage charge if they attack a service animal. David Lloyd, Hertfordshire Police Commissioner, said: “Attacking a police animal should not be treated the same as damaging a police car.”

Everyone here at Jammy Toast would like to wish Finn a long and happy retirement.

He deserves it!

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36 Comments on “Finn Gets Top Award”

  1. It amazes me why any criminal would take on a police dog… do they think they are going to win? Have a long and happy stay in prison you filthy animal!

    …and the brave animal can have a long and happy retirement!

  2. I’m just having a look through my wardrobe to see if I have anything green I can wear tonight. I hope Mrs Bird doesn’t check on me though, as it’s quite untidy at the moment.

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