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Alittle while ago we introduced you to the phenomenon of the Flash Mob. In case you have forgotten, a Flash Mob is a group of at least ten people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act – dance or sing a song – for a brief time, then quickly disperse. It is usually performed for the purposes of entertainment and are organised via social media. The term was coined to reference the way the mobs assemble. As always happens, big business has jumped on the back of this spectacle and many Flash Mobs have been organised to promote a company or product. Air Lingus organised one at Dublin airport which was particularly good.

So we have been keeping an eye open for more examples following the one we showed you from Liverpool One. So we think we have found another fine example of the genre that we would like to share with you. This one was organised by SWR Radio Station based in Stuttgart, Germany and that is about as much as we know about it. It was produced in the local shopping complex so sit back and relax.


Stairway To Heaven Flash Mob

Stairway To Heaven Flash Mob

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26 Comments on “Flash Mob #2”

  1. I love the guy playing air-guitar with his shopping trolley but I am becoming addicted to these Flash Mobs since you showed me the Liverpool ONE Flash Mob last month. Fantastic!

    1. Yes I noticed the guitarist too. However, I think they have played it live and then when they heard it back the sound quality was probably poor so they have over-dubbed it. That’s my best guess!

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  3. Just seen a pigeon sitting on somebodies head & shoulders while she fed him. This could never be me, I’d be running about screaming about it even touching me let alone it being on my head

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