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Was Watchin This Program On The Discovery Channel The Other Night.. How Mad Is That, I Normally Watch Mostly The Disney Channel Bt Heres Me Gettin Dead Brainy Watchin A Program About Egypt On The Discovery Program.. Its All Davidds Fault, For Me Next Holiday I Want A Change Frm Goin To Turkey && Davidd Said I Should Try Egypt Cos Its Dead Boss Over There.. He Said It Is Always Sunny && Ya Can Play Ths Game While Ya On Holiday Called ‘Spot The Cloud’ Bt No One Ever Wins Cos Ya Never Get To See A Cloud.. So Egypt Was Kinda On Me Mind && I Started Watchin This Program.. It Wasnt About Holidays Though It Was About Egyptian Mummies && Pharaohs && All That Kinda Stuff..

They Hve Just Built The Biggest Museum In The World Cos Most Of The Mummies They Hve Dug Up Hve Just Been Stuck In Boxes Cos There Is Not Enough Room To Show Them All.. So This New Museum Is Lyk Half A Million Square Metres Of Space Cos They Hve 100,000 Things That They Want To Show Ya.. There Is 3,000 Tutankhamun Things That No One Has Ever Seen Yet.. When They Were Dug Up A Hundred Years Ago They Were Just Put In Boxes && Put In Storage && They Have Been There Ever Since.. So They Hve Built This New Grand Egyptian Museum && It Has Cost Lyk A Billion Dollars To Build.. Its Not Open Yet, It Has Been Delayed Cos Of The Rona Bt Should Be Open Next Year..

The Actual Buildin Is Nearly Finished Bt It Is Goin To Take Six Months To Move All The Stuff Into The Museum.. They Are Callin It Egypts Gift To The World && They Say That Ya Could Park A Jumbo Jet In The Main Hall.. They Hve Built It Mostly To Try && Get People To Go On Holiday There Again Cos They Stopped Cos Of The Riots && Demonstrations A Few Years Ago.. It Is Near The Pyramids Of Giza && Will Hve Hundreds Of Statues Of Pharaohs && Gods Includin A Massive Statue Of Ramses The Great.. Its Absolutely Massive With Loads Of Shops, Restaurants, Conference Centres && Even A Big Cinema..

King Tutankhamun's Death Mask

King Tutankhamun’s Death Mask.

The Star Attraction Will Be All 5,600 Things Frm The Tomb Of King Tutankhamun.. The Program I Was Watchin Showed Them Restorin His Chariot Which Is Goin On Display.. They Hve Even Made A Reconstruction Of His Tomb Even Though The Space Is 60 Times Bigger Than His Original Tomb.. Tutankhamuns Outer Coffin Will Be On Display Plus His Two Inner Coffins.. They Reckon They Will Hve 2 To 3 Million Visitors In The First Year && About 8 Million A Year Once It Is Fully Up && Running.. It Has Taken 20 Years To Create Frm Comin Up With The Original Plans To Hopefully Openin It Next Year..

One Of The Things I Loved The Look Of Is They Are Goin To Hve These Workshops Where They Show Ya How They Did Things.. Lyk How They Built The Pyramids, How They Made The Mummies && Loads Of Other Stuff.. The Maddest Part For Me Was Makin The Mummies.. The Ancient Egyptians Believed That Ya Needed Stuff For The Afterlife.. Lyk Ya Chariots && Weapons Bt They Also Thought That Ya Might Need Ya Brain && Heart && All Ya Internal Organs.. So They Took All Ya Organs Out && Put Them In A Box To Be Buried With Ya.. F*Ckin Hell, If Ya Needed Ya Organs I Would Of Thought That Ya Would Need Them Inside Ya Not In A Bloody Box!!

The Museum Itself Is Right In The Middle Of The Desert Between Modern Cairo && The Ancient Pyramids.. It Will Cover 3,000 Years Of Ancient Egyptian History && Has Been Designed To Take Visitors Back Through The Centuries To Ancient Egypt.. All The Displays Are In Chronological Order So It Is Lyk Goin Back In Time.. The Further Ya Go, The Further Back In Time That Ya Travel.. You Will Be Able To See The Pyramids Of Khufu && Menkaure Through The Glass Walls Of The Galleries.. Loads Of Stuff Is Bein Moved Frm The Original Egyptian Museum In Cairo Bt Not All Of Them.. The Old Museum Is Stayin Open Even After The New One Opens.. The One Thing That I Would Want To See Is Tutankhamuns Death Mask Bt The Program Didnt Say Where That Was Goin To Be.. If I Do Go Then I Will Check Where That Is Before I Go Cos If I Couldnt See That I Would Be Well Piss Off..

Here Is The Mad Thing.. Davidd Said He Has Been To Egypt Three Times Bt Has Never Seen A Pyramid Except Frm The Window Of A Plane.. He Did Say It Is Too Hot To Be Walkin All Day In Egypt Where It Is Normally 40°C Every Day && He Only Goes Cos Ya Gauranteed The Sun Bt I Would Want To See The Mummies For Sure.. I Went && Saw A Load Off Egyptian Stuff At Liverpool Museum Years Ago When I Was At School && It Was Dead Exciting.. I Loved Tha..

Imagine How Cool It Would Be Seein Tuts Death Mask For Real??

Traa xx

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  1. According to a programme I watched, the Pharoah’s needed to take their hearts into the after-life so that they can be weighed. They believed that all their sins committed on earth weighed heavily on their hearts and so the Gods could weigh their hearts before letting them enter the after-life.

  2. F*ck me! It’s only the entire fucking country waiting to hear what you’ve got to say about throwing the country into disarray and confusion again.

    No rush you gibbering piss stained incoherent Latin waffling gobshite!

  3. I didn’t watch the press conference. I doubt I could of refrained from sticking my foot through the telly when that pissed up lump of lard started babbling shite.

  4. It is all happening tonight. Tranmere Rovers have just announced that first team manager Mike Jackson has been today relieved of his first team duties with immediate effect.

    1. A very sad end for a truly good man. No hard feelings towards an excellent servant for the Club, but this isn’t exactly a shock. Good luck in the future MJ, and thanks for everything you did as a player and coach.

      MUST get the right appointment now, and quickly.

  5. Here is the Government Press Conference update.


  6. Here is the Government Press Conference:

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    Close the shops.

  7. As of this coming Thursday if you wear black and bring anything and I mean absolutely ANYTHING that has died at any point in the last 6 months we will host it’s funeral for you, serving food and more importantly alcohol.

  8. Need to be held for like 10 hours at this point tbh as much as I’m greatful that rona brought such beautiful people into my life im absolutely heartbroken for the world right now.

  9. Rolf report 1 Nov

    I’ve been practicing my gravity-defying upside down sleeping position on a human’s lap. Dr Sherry thinks I am the spitting image of Toothless the dragon from the “How to train your dragon” movie.

    Rolf x

  10. My human used to be scared of Dorothy. She would attack my human’s legs but she doesn’t do that any more. She loves all her humans now, and rolls over for her tummy to be rubbed. My human hasn’t rubbed it yet. Do you think she should risk it?

  11. “Hello, Eeyore,” they called out cheerfully.
    “Ah!” said Eeyore. “Lost your way?”
    “We just came to see you,” said Piglet. “And to see how your house was. Look, Pooh, it’s still standing!”
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  12. Good morning everyone on Roast Dinner Day – George reporting for duty. Those who can wear a face covering but blatantly choose not to can incur a fine up to £6,400 please. Lets save the Hooman race – put a cover on your face!”

  13. Another day of fuckin’ strong winds and fuckin’ rain at times for most of you… as a Low, containing the remnants of Hurricane Zeta, passes between us and fuckin’ Iceland!

  14. Morning all. For some odd reason I’m in a remarkably good mood. Not even had my tummy tickled. Off to whizz Knobhead round the P A R K before it batters down.

  15. Schools and universities to remain open whilst pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops to close. I’m starting to think that Joop aftershave may be the Coronavirus vaccine…

  16. As I expected, and dreaded, my Palladium show on the 27th November can’t happen now because of the new lockdown and restrictions. We are going to try and move it in to December. I hate being beaten!

  17. My daughter didn’t cope well with going to jail.

    She refused to eat or drink anything. She swore at everyone and trashed her room…

    After that we never played Monopoly again!

  18. Just told me dad am going walking and he went why and I said ? Cause I want too and he went on a Sunday just walking? So I said yes and he went weird u hahaahahhaa

  19. Another lockdown is looming and the great British public will be expected to show a stiff upper lip. Which won’t be difficult in November with the heating cut off due to loss of earnings…

  20. Polite reminder as we move into our second lockdown. Please be nice to retail workers. It’s not their fault that guidelines have to be put in place, it’s not their fault that there may be stock issues.

    They’re worried enough as it is but have to go to work to pay their bills.

  21. What do you mean “Hello Cilla what are you doing there?” I’m just testing this pile of cushions I found on the floor, isn’t it obvious? I know it’s my day off, but I thought I’d take one for the team, it’s a hard life.

  22. My mum left little Halloween buckets full of sweets for the kids outside ours yesterday and a bag with new pjs in for me that she’d washed and ironed.
    She’s too pure for this earth!

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