Granny And Swan Hill

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Back in September I told you of the day when Granny left her car outside Sainsbury’s while she went into the store to do some shopping. Nothing wrong with that except Granny not only left the keys in the car but she also left the engine running while she spent her normal hour or two gossiping and catching up on the latest coming and goings at Sainsbury’s.

The other day Granny paid a return visit to Sainsbury’s for some Christmas shopping. For those of you not familiar with the area, the store is at the top of Swan Hill on Woodchurch Road. Those of you who do know the area will know how steep Swan Hill is – Granny only parked the car and forgot to put the handbrake on!

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  1. You think your mum is bad…
    ‎-knocking on the bathroom door-
    me: Mum are you still in there? I need a wee.
    mum: You’ll have to hang on a few minutes..
    me: … Why?
    mum: I got pins and needles in my feet while I was weeing and I can’t stand up or I’ll fall or something.


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