Gregory’s Girl Forty Years On

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Last month we featured Gregory’s Girl in our Favourite Films feature and low and behold Sky Drama must have been reading our post because they showed the film the other night. It was just as good and funny as I remembered it and I am sure it would be an even bigger hit if it was released today – nearly forty years on. The film was originally released in 1981 to mixed reviews and it was only once it was released on video/DVD that it became popular. So now, nearly forty years after its original release, I can’t help but wonder where are they all now? In the film, we know that Gregory (the lead character) went on to become a school teacher who worked at his former school but where are the actors today?

So to mark the anniversary, we thought we would take a look back on the cast which captured our hearts all those years ago. Since its release it has gone on to become a coming-of-age classic as audiences fall in love with awkward Gregory’s tale of unrequited teenage love. With a cast full of emerging Scottish talent, many have since gone on to continue their acting careers and even started entirely new ones since being thrust into the limelight.

So here is what we have found out about the main cast since the film’s release all those years ago…

John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory) Our hero of the story.

Since starring as Gregory Underwood, John has gone on to have a fulfilling acting and singing career, making appearances on the screen and stage, most recently in Brad Pitt’s World War Z.

Dee Hepburn (Dorothy) The girl who was a crush for many.

Famously spotted for the role by director Bill Forsyth after he saw her in a commercial, Dee appeared in TV soap opera Crossroads and starred alongside Oliver Reed in Scots epic “The Bruce” in 1996.

She now works in the world of business development in Scotland.

Clare Grogan (Susan) The lucky lady who ended up with Gregory.

Music fans will recognise Clare as the lead singer of new wave rockers Altered Images, famous for hits such as “Happy Birthday” and “I Could Be Happy”.

Clare also maintained her acting career appearing in Red Dwarf, Father Ted and EastEnders.

Allison Forster (Madeline) The cheeky and adorable little sister.

Many fans of the film will tell you that Allison’s performance as Gregory’s sister stole the show. Now all grown up Gregory’s Girl remains Allison’s only acting credit, but it is one that is certainly well remembered.

Robert Buchanan (Andy) The goalie before Gregory.

Robert regularly appeared in films by director Bill Forsyth, and starred in his first feature before playing Andy in Gregory’s Girl.

He now works on the technical staff at the Tolbooth Theatre in Stirling.

Graham Thompson (Charlie) A friend in disbelief at Gregory’s Success.

Alongside Andy, Graham’s character Charlie tried and failed to head to Caracas in search of a greater number of women. Since appearing as Graham, he appeared as himself in documentary Lizards of Oz, examining reptiles in Australia.

Caroline Guthrie (Carol) Dorothy’s stand-in on the date.

Another member of the cast who continue to act to this day. Since Gregory’s Girl Carol has acted in many high profile TV shows and films including Robert Downey Jr’s Chaplin.

Jake D’Arcy (Coach Phil Menzies) The footy coach who played Dorothy up-front.

After appearing as Coach Menzies, Jake had a very successful career in Film and TV. Sadly he passed away in May of last year, but is fondly remembered for his role as Pete the Jakey on the hit BBC comedy series Still Game.

Douglas Sannachan (Billy the window cleaner)

“If I don’t see you through the week, I’ll see you through a window.” Douglas became famous for this line as he played Billy, a former pupil who left school and bragged to Gregory and co about his conquests with the ladies.

Still acting to this day, Douglas most recently directed independent horror “Starcache” in 2014.

So there you have it, no mega-superstars but considering not one of the cast was a recognised star back in 1981, they haven’t done too badly for themselves.

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