Hancock’s Half Hour #1

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Last month, on the original Jammy Toast, I said I was going to start posting old radio shows of Hancock’s Half Hour. As soon as I did that, Davidd and Andreaa decided to close the site down and start this new Jammy Toast. It is as if they are starting a personal war against my old posts. Twice on Jammy Toast I have started a series featuring our old cars that we have owned over the years and twice something has come up to block me attempting to complete the series. It is okay though; I shall not take it personally. In fact, I do like the old-fashioned design of the new Jammy Toast; it fits in so well with my old posts.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, in the radio series, Tony Hancock played Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, a down-at-heel comedian living at the dilapidated 23 Railway Cuttings in East Cheam. The series was influential in the development of the situation comedy, with its move away from music hall variety and towards a focus on character development. The show is considered a classic of its genre and ran from 1954 until 1961. The radio shows also featured Syd James, Hattie Jacques, and Kenneth Williams; amongst many others.

The most famous of the shows were The Blood Donor and The Radio Ham, both of which we featured last month on the original Jammy Toast. What we have managed to find though, is a collection of rare radio shows, many of which have never been heard since they were originally broadcast. Many of them were even believed lost because of the BBC’s habit of reusing magnetic tape reels in the 1950s and 1960s.

To start the ball rolling, Tony decides to buy a television set. Living in the only house in Railway Cuttings without a telly, the lad acts. The show stars Tony Hancock, Bill Kerr, Sidney James, Andree Melly and Kenneth Williams. The show was written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

This show was first broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in June 1955.

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60 Comments on “Hancock’s Half Hour #1”

    1. Cheam is in London but not sure there is an East Cheam. Think it was just a fictional address he used like Sykes used 28 Sebastopol Terrace, East Acton.

      Although East Acton does exists.

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    Mum: “Which university is your niece at? It begins with A”.

    Me: “Nottingham”.


    Mum: “Well, it HAS an A”.

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