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Hello Toasters and welcome to the all-new Jammy Toast. Sorry we have been offline for the last couple of days but in that time, we have redesigned Jammy Toast under the careful eye of the very artistic Andreaa. I must admit that I have done all the work but under her expert eye – she has a brilliant eye for colours, design, and detail. It is funny how we are complete opposites. I can do pretty much anything with WordPress but I am shit at designing layouts and selecting colours. Andreaa on the other hand, can’t do a bloody thing with WordPress – if you turn your back on her she can destroy it – but has an eye for what colours go with what and great layouts. We do make a good team, so we have decided to combine our blogs and continue along the way with an all-new Jammy Toast. I just ignored her when she asked if we should call the new collaboration Scouse Toast!

While we are talking of change, we are having a bit of a revolution here at Jammy Toast. I have been jealous of Andreaa’s little blog that trundles along with a dozen or so ‘on subject’ comments a day and no pressure. Here at Jammy Toast I have people writing posts for me and I am forever chasing them to send their posts in. I also think some people just leave their shopping lists on here as a comment. So new rules, I am not saying people can’t post on Jammy Toast. In fact, anyone who wants to post something only needs to email it to me and we will think about posting it – if it’s good enough and suitable for our bizarre Toasters. What I am not doing from now on is constantly chasing people.

I know all this sounds harsh, but I don’t mean it to. I am simply asking; if you enjoy writing for us and want to continue then that’s great – carry on. If you don’t then no hard feelings, just leave it and I hope you continue to visit us from time to time.

We will also be moderating the comments more harshly. I’d rather have a dozen relevant comments than a hundred shopping lists and arguments. Everything doesn’t have to be one hundred percent bang-on subject, funny or interesting comments are good too; especially if you are a cat or a pigeon. Please, help us out with this.

I understand I sound like Boris Johnson here, trying to ruin all the fun of going to the pub, but I hope you are taking this the way I mean it. Remember, this is Jammy Toast not Facebook or Twitter! There is also an advantage to having Andreaa onboard, if you don’t like anything you can take it up with her and Lorah and the best of luck… you will lose!

A few other things before I finish:

On Jammy Toast, we post a daily Garfield cartoon. We are going to continue to do that but we are going right back to the beginning when Jim Davis first started cartooning in 1978. The artwork is not as good as his modern-day drawings but they do show the beginnings of Garfield’s hatred of Mondays and his love of Lasagne.

Old favourites will continue like always. Friday nights will continue to be Shit Nights (you can comment what you like, too!). Flat Eric will also continue to play music videos on Sundays. We just need to watch that Andreaa doesn’t get her requests in before I do or we will end up with Take That and Robbie Williams every week!

The old archive stuff from Jammy Toast – stretching back to 2006 – will return as soon as I can get it sorted. It will, however, be on Classic Toast when it is ready. We will not be adding it on here. So, if you want to see all those old, embarrassing photos and videos from fifteen years ago head on over to the Classic Toast site… when it is ready.

Above all, remember Jammy Toast is here for everyone’s enjoyment so… enjoy!

Garfield Strip

Garfield is copyright © Paws, Inc. If you like the cartoons we reproduce here on Jammy Toast, please consider purchasing some of the Garfield official merchandise. These are available through Garfield.com where you can view them in full-colour and at a higher quality!

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A sad and lonely old man who used to have a life but it has now been taken over by his dedication to the cause of saving teddy bears, running Jammy Toast and searching eBay, car boot sales, charity shops, lofts and even under beds for unwanted bears. He has even now taken in Flat Eric to save him from homelessness – his life is no longer his own!

23 Comments on “Hello World!”

  1. there is nothing like putting a fresh coat of paint on an old blog. who would of thought it would end up one of lifes pleasures.

    so where the hell do you think youve been?

  2. My human picked a basket-full of Nip and Barbara couldn’t resist it. He never bothers with it while it’s growing but as soon as it’s picked he’s on it. I think there will be NipKnots ready soon, I can’t wait!

  3. Rolf report 11 Sept

    I love to visit the home of my campus mom Dr Claudia. She lives in a lovely old house so there are lots of high-up beams & spaces for me to play in. My “danger cat” impression makes the humans anxious sometimes but I always manage to get down safely.

    Rolf x

  4. I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night.. Davidd Gave Me A Fish Burger && Chips But When I Went To Eat It There Was A Uncooked Sausage On The Plate!! Im So Confused About My Life Now!!

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