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Ican never understand the people who bash Microsoft. The ones who think Bill Gates is the devil and everything he makes is riddled with spy-ware that reports back every little thing you do to the Company. Then there are those who love Apple and so because of this you just have to hate Microsoft, it’s written in the rules somewhere.

I break the rules because I love Microsoft but I can also see a place for Apple. Apple are not really a computer company but more a consumer electronics company. Made even more evident by their move into the mobile phone market. Ok, let me admit it, Apple make great iPods too, much better than the pathetic Zune player that Microsoft have come up with. And I have an iMac on my desk at home that just worked. Take it out of the box, plug it in and it works. Thats how mass-market computers should work. PC’s are seldom that simple.

But I still love Microsoft… well most of the time.

You see every now and then Microsoft do something, usually something daft, that just shows they have a total blithering idiot working for them. The reason I say this is because today I was reading a document explaining all the new features available in Vista. Now I would guess that this document is only going to be of interest for those who are not yet using Vista for themselves. Why would you want to read it, if you already had Vista installed?

With me so far? Ok.

So what format is this document available in? Is one of them in TXT format so anyone can read it in a text editor? No. HTML so you can read it in your web browser? No. PDF for Adobe Acrobat Reader? No. Office 2003 DOC format so you can open it in Word? No.

Any of those would make life too easy for us.

This document telling you all that is new and mighty in Windows Vista and which version would be best for you to buy is only available in the new Vista XPS format!

Who the hell worked that one out?

If you have Vista installed you wouldn’t want to read the bloody document telling you what it is now would you? On the other hand if you haven’t got Vista installed and want to know anything about it, well you just cant!

Rant over.

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  1. Princess thanks for the comments you left on my blog. I have just spent an hour reading yours and I hope you realize your pieces of cheese have well slid off your crackers. You kidnap ducks? What is going on there?

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