I Used To Get Spoilt At Christmas

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IUsed To Love Christmas When I Was Little.. I Was Spoilt Rotten Cos I Had Three Christmasses Every Year.. On Christmas Eve I Would Go && Stay With My Grandparents && Have A Christmas There.. Then I Would Come Home For Christmas Day && Have A Christmas At Home.. Then On Boxin Day I Would Go Me Other Grandparents && Have Another Christmas There.. Cos I Am The Baby Of The Family It Was Just Me Too At Me Grandparents So I Always Got More Pressies Than All The Others.. Before He Died Me Granddad Used To Live With Us.. He Was Frm Me Mums Side Of The Family, The Other Granddad Is Still Alive, Just In Case Ya Gettin Mixed Up.. I Really Used To Love Me Granddad && Even Though I Was A Terrible Teen At The Time I Would Love It If He Come In Me Room.. Ya See Some Kids Shoutin, “Get Out Me Room!!” At Parents Or Grandparents, Bt I Would Never Shout At Me Granddad.. I Think I Hve Told Yas Some Stories About Him Bein A Hero Durin The War && Even When He Was An Old Man He Never Took Shit Off No One..

Granddad Had This Brain Thing That Was Slowly Killin Him.. It Meant That He Forgot All Kinds Of Stuff Too.. He Would Forget Who Some Of His Grandkids && Great Grandkids Were Bt It Wasnt His Fault It Was The Illness.. Funny Thing Was He Started Callin Me Mum Kathleen && Everyone Just Thought It Was Him Gettin Mixed Up.. Me Mums Name Is Trisha Bt No One Used To Say Anythin Cos They Didnt Want To Upset Me Granddad.. One Day He Paid The Milkman When Me Mum Was Out && He Called Her Trisha To The Milkman.. I Asked Him Why He Always Used To Call Her Kathleen Bt He Called Her Trisha To The Milkman.. So Me Granddad, Who Everyone Thought Was Nuts, Said: “He Wouldnt Know Who Kathleen Was Cos That Was The Name I Wanted To Give Her When She Was Born.. Ya Nan Wanted To Call Her Patricia && So Thats What She Was Called..” So He Could Remember Things Frm Years Ago Bt Not Stuff That Just Happened..

He Always Remembered Daft Things Too && It Used To Confuse Me.. I Always Used To Play Me Music Dead Loud In Me Room && It Was Usually The Music Channel Playin Modern Music.. Me Granddad Used To Come Dancin Into Me Room && Be Singin Along With The Song.. Id Be Playin Lyk Beyonce, Rihanna Or Somethin && He Would Know All The Words To The Songs.. Id Be Lyk, “Granddad, How Do Ya Know All These Songs??” He Just Used To Laugh && He Would Never Say How He Knew Them..

He Could Be Proper Annoyin At Times Bt Ya Just Had To Remember, It Wasnt His Fault..

When Our Danielle Was Pregnant With Alisha && She Used To Come Round To Ours && Me Granddad Was Lyk, “Girl, You Need To Go On A Diet.. Ya Gettin Proper Fat!!” Then We Would All Tell Him To Stop Talkin Lyk That && That Danielle Was Pregnant && Havin A Baby.. All He Said Was, “Well I Hope She Doesnt Feed The Baby As Much As She Eats, The F*ckin Heffer!!” We Was All Cryin At That, Even Danielle Saw The Funny Side..

Me Nan Was Funny When She Was Alive Too.. She Had To Hve Everythin That You Had.. I Used To Love Chattin On MSN With All Me Mates && She Would Be Askin What I Was Doin.. I Explained To Her That I Was Chattin To All Me School Mates On This Thing Called MSN && Ya Can Type Messages To Them, Or Video Chat Where Ya Could See Them && They Could See You.. She Came && Had A Look && Saw Lorah Or Whoever I Was Talkin To On The Computer && She Was Lyk, “Whos That Girl && Where Is She??” I Explained To Me Nan That It Was Lorah && That She Lived In St Helens..

Me Nan Was Made Up && She Said She Was Gettin MSN && The Internet.. She Was Lyk Am Goin To Get A Laptop Then It Was No I Will Get A Computer && I Was Lyk, “What For Nana??” She Said She Wanted To Talk To All Her Mates Too.. Couple Of Weeks Later She Had A Laptop && The Internet Put In Her House Bt She Couldnt Talk To Her Mates Cos They Didnt Hve Computers, The Internet Or Even MSN.. She Never Understood That Ya Both Had To Be Connected To Talk To Each Other She Thought If She Had MSN Then She Could Talk To Her Mates Even If They Didnt Have MSN, Bless Her.. So For Weeks After She Used To Ring Me Up && Tell Me To Go On MSN Cos She Had No One To Talk To.. I Had To Go On MSN && Let Her Talk To Me Granddad.. I Got Pushed Out Of Me Own Computer!!

Me Other Nan Died Years Ago, So I Never Went To Me Granddads House For Years Cos It Had Too Many Memories Of My Nan.. Then I Went To See Him One Night After Work For The First Time In Lyk 7 Years.. The Last Time I Had Been There Was Just After Me Nans Funeral Bt I Was Dead Brave && Went In The House && Everything.. The Place Was The Same As When Me Nan Was Alive, Me Granddad Never Changed Nothin.. I Was Tellin Me Mum Afterwards That I Had Been && I Said It Was Proper Wierd && Me Mum Said Yea The Only Thing Missin Would Be Ya Nan && I Started Cryin Thinkin About Her..

It Is Dead Weird When Ya Go Somewhere && The Person Who Was Always There Isnt There No More.. I Kept Thinkin About All The Times She Used To Spoil Me && Let Me Do Stuff That Me Mum Never Did.. Of All The Funerals I Have Been To They Have All Been Lyk Nans && Grandads Bt She Is The One I Miss The Most..

When Me && Lorah Got Excluded Frm Skewl && Everyone Was Screamin At Me She Just Took Me Home To Her House && Spoilled Me All That Week.. When The Skewl Said They Would Take Me Back She Just Said, “Andreaa, Will Ya Be Good In Skewl, Just For Me??” So I Was A Good Little Gorm For A Bit Cos She Wanted Me To && Not Cos Of The Others Was Shoutin At Me..

I Dont Think She Ever Shouted At Me In Me Whole Life.. She Just Always Usta Talk To Me && I Would Do What She Wanted Cos I Never Wanted To Upset Her.

I Am Goin To Stop Talkin About It Now Before I Start Cryin!!

They Could All Be A Complete Pain In The Bum Sometimes Bt I Still Miss Them All, Every Single Day!!

Traa xx

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Andreaa Kurby

I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

68 Comments on “I Used To Get Spoilt At Christmas”

  1. I always wanted my Grandparents to take me to McDonald’s for a treat and they told me they were too old, only young people could buy food there.

    I believed them for years until I realised they just thought it was shit!

  2. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son Archie has given his first public broadcast wishing the world a “Happy New Year” – in a slight American accent… Odd. One thought they’d moved to the US to protect their privacy?

  3. Owl told him a very long story about an aunt who had once laid a seagull’s egg by mistake, and the story went on and on, rather like this sentence, until Piglet went to sleep quietly and naturally.

  4. I had a sudden burst of energy and was about to run up a tree but then I changed my mind. I didn’t want my human to panic so I just made a nice pattern on the bark instead. I try to be good when she’s watching because I know she worries about us.

  5. Oxfords vaccine as been approved this morning its on par with with Pfizer one still need 2 doses but this one is 12 weeks apart.

    Sounds good let’s hope we can burn our face masks soon!

  6. Great news about the vaccine this morning, but don’t forget more accidents happen on the way back down the mountain than on the way up. Let’s keep being careful if there is hopefully an end in sight.

  7. Rolf report 30 Dec

    It was the first snow of winter yesterday. I took my American human on a snow patrol of the garden. He was so patient as I inspected every bush & tree around the perimeter. It was only a light dusting of snow. I was very happy to stay outdoors in it.

    Rolf x

  8. A nice bracing walk this morning and then once I reach my car, get in it and take a short drive in order to get petrol then back home and then take another bracing walk to the back door and in for some soup. I could quite get into this exercise lark.

  9. I was making my bed last night and I fell off the cabinet sending my bed flying, I was unharmed but it made dad jump he said I was like a fairy on a gob of lard.

    Dad nearly had to change his trousers!

  10. I know most people don’t know what day it is because of Christmas but today is Wednesday: has anyone from the government explained why they’re waiting a week to start distributing a vaccine they knew was coming imminently?

  11. Ricky just had the Oxford Vaccine and says he feels like a new bird and claims his energy levels have NEVER been better. Asked us if we want to fly up Kilimanjaro tomorrow for charity… seems a bit extreme!!

  12. While Boris Johnson is telling parliament that we can have our cake and eat it, I’ve been in the Downing Street kitchen, eating his cake, which he now can’t have!

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