Is This Anger Management?

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There is nothing we like more in the morning than sitting round the breakfast table reading the newspaper. You can read all about the troubles in the world and some light-hearted stories that lift the spirits on a cold, winter morning. However, sometimes we are sure they make them up but, then again, maybe some of the stories are so far-fetched nobody could make them up.

One such story involves Philip Croft a man who, following an assault on another man, was sent on an anger-management course. Unfortunately when he arrived at the course he was sent home because a big row had broken out with other people on the course. He was still fuming on his way home when the police stopped him for speeding.

Yesterday, a court heard that the officer was only going to warn the man for speeding until he spewed out a torrent of abuse littered with four-letter words. District Judge Mark Hadfield told the man; “There is a certain irony that on your way back from an anger-management session you behaved like this with a police officer.”

He was fined £50 and ordered to pay £85 court costs after the course heard he had previous public order offences on his record. Rachel Andrews, defending, told the court: “He had attended a group session. Unfortunately, that session had ended early because people in the group were causing a disturbance. My client says that this upset him. When he left the session he drove home and was feeling angry. He has been quite candid and accepts that he swore.”

Croft had been ordered to take part in the anger-management classes by a court in August after admitting carrying out an assault in March.

What we would like to know is; did he get his money back from the anger-management course?

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