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Here at Jammy Toast, we came across some excellent news today. One of our favourite 1970s cartoons; Ivor The Engine, is to be made into a live action feature film. Ivor the Engine was a firm favourite with a whole generation of 1970s schoolchildren. Now the son of co-creator Oliver Postgate is planning to turn the classic series about a friendly Welsh steam train into a live action feature film – after being inspired by the success of Paddington. Already stars including Rhys Ifans, Rob Brydon, Eddie Izzard and Cerys Matthews have narrated Ivor stories for a charity audiobook to be released this week. Now Daniel Postgate has revealed big plans to involve them in a family-friendly movie made by his new production company Quintet Pictures.

“Set in the hills and valleys of Wales, it will be gently humorous family fayre to take us all off to the charming and eccentric world of Jones the Steam, Dai Station, Mrs Porty, Mr Dinwiddy, Idris the Dragon and, of course, Ivor himself,” he explained.

“Telling the tale of how Ivor got his musical pipes, it will showcase the abundance of top-notch acting talent Wales has to offer and the breath-taking beauty of Wales itself. In these dark times we are presently going through, I think we all deserve something to cheer us up and what better than to drift back to a simpler time to enjoy the goings on of a well-loved sentient locomotive who has been part of British culture for over sixty years. Ivor is already beloved by generations of British children, so we are working with our partners to bring him back in a live-action format that will ensure he appeals to many more generations to come.”

Back in the 70s, Ivor the Engine was the first TV show made by Postgate and Firmin, who went on to create Bagpuss, The Clangers and Noggin the Nog through their company Smallfilms. Ivor – whose low-tech puffing sounds were voiced by Postgate himself – has plenty of friends including his driver Jones the Steam, stationmaster Dai Station and various animals including a dragon and some elephants.

The Ivor the Engine and Friends audiobook, which was released via download platforms yesterday, was made entirely during lockdown with the help of Manic Street Preachers’ producer Dave Eringa. It is the first modern production of the train’s adventures “in the top left-hand corner of Wales”, which were originally inspired by Dylan Thomas’ poetry and aired on TV between 1975-77.

Daniel said: “With the help of magical contributions from the great and the good of Wales – including Georgia Ruth, Cerys Matthews, Rob Brydon, Rhys Ifans and honorary Welshman Eddie Izzard – we’ve put together some lovely storytelling from Ivor’s classic adventures. There’s also a story read by the great man himself, my dad, and a new story written and read by me.”

All proceeds will go to Welsh children’s cancer charity LATCH. Ifans said: “It was a pleasure to read Ivor’s Birthday and help support the wonderful work of LATCH.”

Welsh singer-songwriter and harpist Georgia Ruth added: “Oliver Postgate’s stories were the soundtrack to so many childhoods, so it was a joy to get a chance to read one myself and help a really deserving charity at a difficult time.”

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  1. You were told track and trace would work. You were told to eat out to help out. You were told lockdown wasn’t necessary and then it was. You were told Christmas would be normal.

    I’m sorry you were told those things and I’m sorry you can’t trust the people that told you them.

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  3. Seeing my nieces today to play Santa now Christmas Eve is cancelled. 6 months since I’ve seen their little faces on anything but a screen. I was JUST getting used to being single and allowed to see who I want, when I want. Then covid.

    2020 is a bit shit really ain’t it?

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    There’s always Pooh and Me. “What would I do?” I said to Pooh, “If it wasn’t for you,” and Pooh said: “True,
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  5. Look what our friend Houdini’s human made for us! It’s made my human feel very happy this morning. She was sad because she can’t see her family for Christmas. Something about ‘5 days’. I don’t understand what that means but she will see us instead so that’s good. We are family too.

  6. Rolf report 20 Dec

    It’s my birthday! I’m five years old today. My family gave me some scrunchy tissue paper to play with & squirty cream as a treat. I’ll go to campus as usual. The simple pleasures mean a lot when the world we’re living in is tough for so many people.

    Rolf x

  7. Based on the scenes of Tier 4 people trying to escape that London yesterday eve, I’m guessing Tier 5 (to be announced in Mid-january) will just be “Bring Out Your Dead!”.

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