Jammy Ghost Stories #1

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The Pyramid in the grounds of St Andrews Church, Rodney Street, Liverpool.

ILove Ghost Stories, I Hve Heard Loads Of Them, Bt My Favourites Are Local Ones Frm Around Liverpool.. So Me && Davidd Are Gonna Start Tellin Yas Ghost Stories That We Know.. Most The Local Ghost Stories I Hve Heard Are The Tom Slemen Ones That Are Usually Shit && Bogus.. Some Of His Are Alright Bt Ya Hear Better Stories All The Time.. One Of Me Favourites Though Is One That Davidd Told Me A Bit Ago Which Was Sort Of About Tom Slemen.. Back In The 1990s, Davidd Used To Work For A Printers That Used To Do Work For Other Printers Too.. Davidd Is Dead Good On Computers && Tha && He Used To Do All Kinds Of Art Work For Loads Of Printers In Liverpool.. He Worked In Bootle Bt He Did Some Work For Another Printers In Bold Place Near The Bombed Out Church In Liverpool..

One Day He Was Sittin In Work When The Printers Frm Bold Place Rang Up && Said They Had A Job For Davidd To Do For Them && It Was Ready For Him To Collect When He Wanted.. Davidd Wasnt Tha Busy So He Got In His Car && Started Drivin Into Town.. While He Was Drivin He Had The Radio On In The Car && They Were Interviewin This Fella Called Tom Slemen Who Davidd Had Never Heard Of Then.. Tom Was Tellin This Story About A Ghost Frm Victorian England Who Was Called William Mackenzie.. William Was A Local Man Whose Family Had Made Loads Of Money In Business.. William Wasnt At All Interested In The Family Business Though && Used To Study Egyptian History.. In The Evenings He Used To Play Poker Around The Local Taverns In The Rodney Street Area.. He Wasnt Much Good At Playin Cards && Used To Lose Lots Of Money.. He Was Slowly Gamblin Away The Family Fortune..

One Night He Was Playin Poker Against This Stranger Who He Had Never Met Before && He Was Losin Even More Money Than Usual.. At The End Of The Night He Asked The Stranger For A Chance To Win Back Some Of The Money He Had Lost That Night.. The Stranger Agreed Bt Only On One Condition.. The Stranger Said That If He Won His Money Back Than That Would Be The End Of It.. If The Stranger Won The Last Hand Of The Night Though, Then When William Died && Was Buried Six Foot Underground His Soul Would Belong To The Stranger..

William Was Scared Of The Stranger Winnin Bt He Was Also Scared Of What His Family Would Say If He Went Home && Told Them He Had Lost Even More Money.. William Agreed To The Wager.. The Two Of Them Played One Last Hand Of Poker && The Stranger Won.. Before The Stranger Left He Told William He Would Be Back To Collect His Prize After Williams Death.. William Then Came To Realise That This Stranger Was None Other Than Satan..

William Was Scared About What Would Happen After His Death..

William Mackenzie

William Mackenzie.

With The Help Of His Family, William Came Up With A Cunnin Plan To Deny The Devil His Prize.. William Arranged For An Egyptian Style Pyramid To Be Built Within The Grounds Of St Andrews Church In Rodney Street && When The Time Came, To Defeat The Devil, He Would Not Be Buried Six Foot Under As They Agreed Bt Would Be Entombed Within The Pyramid Above Ground && So Cheatin The Devil Of His Prize..

When William Mackenzie Eventually Died In 1851 He Was Entombed Within His Pyramid && An Inscription Was Placed Over The Door Which Read: “In This Vault Lie The Remains Of William Mackenzie Of Newbie, Dumfriesshire, Esquire Who Died 29th October 1851 Aged 57 Years.. Also, Mary His Wife, Who Died 19th December 1838 Aged 48 Years && Sarah, His Second Wife Who Died 9th December 1867 Aged 60 Years.. This Monument Was Erected By His Brother Edward As A Token Of Love && Affection AD 1868.. The Memory Of The Just Is Blessed..” Also As A Two-Fingered Salute To Satan, He Was Not Entombed Lyin Down Bt Sittin Up In A Chair Holdin A Winnin Hand Of Cards..

Tom Slemen Continued Tellin Williams Story On The Radio Sayin That His Ghost Had Been Sighted Around The Rodney Street Area Of Liverpool For Many Years After His Death.. He Was Seen By Many Witnesses Wearin His Top-Hat && Cane, For Which He Was Well Known, && Would Ask People If They Knew Where There Was A Game Of Poker He Could Join..

Davidd Was Gobsmacked By The Story Bt He Didnt Believe A Word Of It.. He Had Driven To The Other Printers In Bold Place Loads Of Times Passing St Andrews Church && He Had Never Seen A Pyramid In The Old Church.. Davidd Lykd The Story Though && Made A Note To Remember The Authors Name So That He Could Buy The Book && See If The Other Stories Were As Entertaining..

When Davidd Was Returnin Back To Bootle, He Thought He Would Take A Slight Detour && See If He Could Hve A Look At St Andrews Church && See Just What Was In The Grounds.. As He Drove Down Rodney Street The Traffic Was Dead Busy && So Davidd Was Only Movin Slowly So He Had Loads Of Time To Look At The Church.. As He Drew Level With The Church, There In The Middle Of The Graveyard Was A Giant Pyramid!!

So Is The Story True Or Is It Just A Load Of Bullshit??

I Hve No Idea If It Is True Bt What I Do Know Is That The Pyramid Exists Cos I Hve Seen It Meself, I Went && Had A Look A Couple Of Years Ago When Davidd First Told Me About It.. Also If You Go On Wikipedia It Says That Rodney Street In Liverpool Is Meant To Be One Of The Most Haunted Areas Of Liverpool..

Yous Will Hve To Make Ya Own Minds Up..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

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  1. Tom Slemen is full of shit. He takes stories that have been reported in other areas and moves them to Liverpool. He published one called The Devil’s Footprint which he said happened in Liverpool but it was reported in Devon before Tom published it.

    1. To be fair to Tom, he publishes stories that are told to him by other people so if someone else makes a story up for their 15 minutes of fame, then it isn’t Tom’s fault. They may well have stolen the story from Devon and Tom has retold it in good faith.

  2. The government essentially saying that the arts isn’t a real job and that we should adapt and retrain is disgusting. Their so happy to take our tax money from our work but so quick to deny helping us when the world’s on fire. I hate it here.

  3. It’s just dawned on me that I have 2 nights to get myself in a routine of going to bed early so I can be up for 5:30am. Maybe unemployment isn’t thatttt bad?

  4. Buzzing for when the North wins the impending civil war. York will once again be the capital city. Rugby League will be our national sport. Free gravy for everyone.

  5. Rolf report 13 Oct

    There are hundreds of beautiful trees on campus. When I’m on patrol, I move from tree to tree, sniffing & sharpening my claws on the bark. I love climbing them & foraging for little creatures amongst the low branches. This really is my natural habitat.

    Rolf x

  6. I have a house where I go
    When there’s too many people,
    I have a house where I go
    Where no one can be;
    I have a house where I go,
    Where nobody ever says “No”
    Where no one says anything – so
    There is no one but me.

  7. Little Janet is very friendly with my human and my human’s husband and now she is becoming the same with Kate. She hasn’t gone close enough for Kate to stroke her yet, but I know that will happen soon. Yesterday Janet watched GG being groomed.

  8. You will soon be able to enter your postcode into the gov.uk site to receive a message confirming that I haven’t a clue what the rules in your area are either.

  9. I’m sitting on the bench like a good girl waiting for the PE lesson to start. Then I’ll probably find a mat to roll around on and demonstrate my talent for gymnastics.

    Happy Tuesday friends, stay safe and take care. :paws:

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