Jammy Ghost Stories #2

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s Yas All Know I Live In Kirkby, Which If Ya Know Liverpool Is Sposed To Be A Dead Rough Area.. I Dont Think It Is That Bad Its Like Most Places, There Are Good People && There Are Bad People Bt Unlike Most Places The Devil Used To Live Here In Kirkby… Or Thats What Local Legend Says Anyway.. The Story Goes That Years Ago Near The River Alt There Was A Farm && The Woman Who Owned The Farm Used To Grow Stuff On The Farm && Sell It On Kirkby Market.. We Still Have A Market Day Goin Today.. The Woman Also Kept A Cow For Milk.. Her Farm Was On One Side Of The River Alt Which Runs Dead Fast && Is Quite Deep.. It Is Said To Be Quite Dangerous && People Have Drowned There Over The Years.. On The Other Side Of The River Lived The Devil..

One Day The Woman Got Up && Needed Some Milk For Her Breakfast.. She Looked Everywhere Bt Couldnt Find Her Cow.. She Searched Everywhere && Found That Her Cow Had Got Over The River Onto The Other Bank Where The Devil Lived.. The Cow Was Eatin The Devils Grass.. The Farm Wasnt A Big Farmer, It Was Quite Poor, So She Needed To Get Her Cow Back.. Just As She Was Thinkin What To Do Next, The Devil Appeared && He Wasnt Very Happy About Her Cow Eatin All His Grass.. The Farmer Said Sorry To The Devil && Said She Would Pay For The Grass That Her Cow Had Eaten If He Would Just Help Her Get The Cow Back Onto Her Farm.. The Devil Agreed To Help By Buildin A Bridge Over The River Bt In Return He Didnt Want Payin For The Grass, He Wanted The Soul Of The First Person To Cross The Bridge..

The Farmer Had No Choice, So She Agreed..

The Devil's Hand Print

The Devil’s Hand Print.

The Devil Started Buildin The Bridge Over The River By Hand.. When He Had Finished He Pushed His Hand Into The Wet Stone So That Everyone Would Know That It Was His Bridge && He Had Built It.. The Farmer Got Her Cow Back Bt She Was Worried That Some Innocent Person Would Cross The Bridge Without Knowin About The Curse.. It Was The Devils Curse && He Would Claim His Soul.. She Had To Put A Stop To His Shenanigans.. She Thought Of A Plan && The Next Day She Threw A Ball To The Other Side Of The River && Her Dog Ran Over The Bridge To Retrieve It.. She Had Tricked The Devil By Givin Him The Soul Of Her Dog Rather Than The Soul Of A Passerby Which Is What He Really Wanted..

The Devil Was Furious && Said His Revenge Would Be He Would Now Take The Soul Of EVERYONE Who Crossed The Bridge On The Anniversary Of The Day He Built The Bridge — The 14th Of June..

I Know That Story Sounds Scatty && The First Time I Heard It I Laughed At It.. It Couldnt Be True It Was Just A Story From Years Ago That Had Been Passed On From Parents To Children For Hundreds Of Years.. Dont They Call It Folklore Or Something?? Bt There Is Somethin Else That Makes You Stop && Think Twice..

The Old Alt Bridge Is Not There Anymore Bt There Is A New Bridge That Crosses The River.. If You Go && Look At It Very Closely There Is An Old Handprint In The Stone That Is Nearly Warn Off With Age.. Everyone In Kirkby Says Its The Old Handprint Of The Devil From The Old Bridge.. Officially The Bridge Is Called Alt Bridge Bt Everyone In Kirkby Still Calls It The Devils Bridge && Ya Not Allowed To Be The First Person To Cross It On 14th June Every Year Otherwise The Devil Gets Your Soul..

No One Believes The Story && Everyone Always Laughs About It Bt On The 14th June Everyone In Kirkby Walks To Burtons Way && Kirkby Brooke To Cross The River — They Never Use The Devils Bridge!!

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa Kurby && I Am Havin A Boss Time Here Writing On The Blog && That Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin Too Old To Write && It's Doin Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed For Him, The Fu*kin State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Cant Write Stories. I Never Even Passed Me GCSE English.. But He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shite..

48 Comments on “Jammy Ghost Stories #2”

  1. Look what Pippa made for us! Some of our humans drive a bit fast so this is to remind them that the allotments are our home and they should take care. I hope Dorothy sees it and notices that our tails make a heart-shape. My human says it’s so romantic. What’s she on about?

  2. When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.

  3. Rolf report 18 Nov

    My family & I live in a very old house. The door to the home office is over 200 years old with an ancient latch mechanism. I’ve learnt to climb on the photocopier, raise the latch with my paw & pull open the door to let myself out. They can’t contain Rolfie.

    Rolf x

  4. I remember watching 9/11 unfold. I remember seeing footage of Rudi Giuliani when he was the mayor. Hearing him speak and thinking what a top guy. It’s really hard to reconcile that Rudi Giuliani with the …well whatever the fuck that is … I see today.

  5. Been up since the crack of dawn, followed the cleaners around, greeted the headteacher & teachers through the door, welcomed the little people in, sniffed postlady, checked guinea pigs & dandelion the rabbit. Think I’m entitled to flop in the middle of the corridor!

  6. A friend just dropped off hot coffee and warm croissants from my favorite little bakery. It’s snowing outside and I’m listening to Christmas music and for one brief moment everything seems ok…

  7. It seems as though people are laughing at our TMB 2021 Diary. We remember getting a Milk Marketing Board Diary for Christmas one year. Nobody laughed at that.

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