Jammy Ghost Stories #3

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Everyone Pure Loved Me Story Last Month About The Devils Bridge, So I Thought Today I Would Tell Yas Another Ghost Story.. These Days Kirkby Has Got A New, Modern Railway Station Bt There Used To Be An Old Railway Station That Went Back To 1910 && There Are Loads Of Stories About The Sightin Of An Old Soldier At The Station.. I Dont Know Where The Old Station Was Or It Might Have Been The Same Station As The New One && They Just Modernised It, Am Not Sure.. Bt There Are Loads Of Stories About The Soldier Bein Seen Late At Night && Sometimes In Fog..

Before The Old Station Shut There Was Not Many Trains Still Runnin On It So At Night There Was Only One Man On Duty In The Station.. He Was The Station Master && Once The Last Train Went He Would Lock Up && Go Home.. He Used To Sit In The Ticket Office Out Of The Cold Until The Train Was Due && Then He Would Go Down The Steps To The Platform && Would Act As A Guardsman To Make Sure All The Passengers Were Safely On Or Off The Train Before He Waved His Flag To Tell The Driver It Was Safe To Steam Off..

One Night He Was Sittin In The Ticket Office Havin A Cup Of Tea When He Noticed Someone Crossin Over The Railway Line.. This Was Not Allowed && Was Dangerous.. You Were Meant To Go Up The Steps, Over The Bridge && Down The Other Side To Cross The Track.. The First Time He Saw This Happen He Wasnt Expectin It So Didnt Do Anythin About It.. He Did Think To Himself That He Would Be Ready Next Time With His Torch If Someone Was Foolhardy Enough To Try Crossin The Track Again..

A Few Nights Later, The Same Thing Happened Bt This Time He Was Ready.. He Grabbed His Torch && Ran Down The Steps From The Ticket Office && Out Onto The Platform.. He Was Just In Time To See Someone In Army Uniform Climbin Up From The Track Onto The Other End Of The Platform.. He Shouted For The Man To Wait For Him Bt He Just Walked Off Round A Building && By The Time The Station Master Got There He Had Disappeared.. One Thing He Did Notice Was That It Was Just After Eleven O’clock Which Was About The Time He Had Seen The Man Last Time..

For The Next Few Nights The Station Master Went Down Onto The Platform Around Eleven, So That He Was Waitin For The Man To Cross The Track, Then He Saw Him.. The Station Master Ran Down The Platform Ready To Cut The Soldier Off.. As He Got Closer He Noticed That The Man Was In Army Uniform Again Bt As He Got Closer He Noticed It Was An Old Army Uniform Not Like A Modern One.. The Station Master Got There Just In Time To See The Soldier Disappear Again Bt This Time It Was Like He Had Walked Through A Wall.. He Had Literally Disappeared Into Thin Air..

This Time The Station Master Had Got Close Enough To Notice More Than Just An Outline.. The Soldier Was A Sargeant With His Three-Stripes Clearly Visible && He Had A Moustache.. He Had A Pistol In A Holster Around His Waist && Carried A Swagger Stick Under His Arm.. The Strange Thing Was That His Uniform Was Clearly An Old Uniform && Not Like The Uniform A Soldier Would Wear Today..

The Very Next Night He Saw Him Again Bt This Time There Was A Passenger Down On The Platform.. When He Approached The Passenger && Asked Him Had He Seen The Soldier He Told Him That He Had && That It Wasnt The First Time He Had Seen Him.. He Had Seen Him Many Times Before && Was Concerned About Him Crossin The Track, Sometimes Only Minutes Before His Train Was Due.. He Had Also Seen Him Disappear At The End Of The Platform && When He Went To Investigate There Was Nowhere For Him To Go.. He Must Have Walked Through A Disused Storage Building Wall..

After Much Investigatin By The Station Master, It Was Discovered That After The First World War A Soldier Came Home To Kirkby Sufferin From Shell Shock.. He Got Off The Train On The Other Side Of The Track && Crossed Over The Line.. He Waited In The Old Waitin Room Which Was Now A Disused Storage Buildin && When The Express Train Comin The Other Way Came Steamin Through The Station He Jumped Off The Platform In Front Of The Train && Died Immediately..

It Was Said At The Time That The Shock Of Fightin In The Trenches In France Had Just Been Too Much For Him && He Had Decided To End His Life.. His Ghost Was Seen Many Times Followin That Day Bt No One Was Ever Scared By Him.. It Was Like He Had Been Scared Enough Durin The War That He Didnt Want To Scare Anyone Else..

He Was Like A Friendly, Harmless Ghost..

Traa xx

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54 Comments on “Jammy Ghost Stories #3”

  1. Was looking at the Christmas tree thinking it looked different. Worked out it was missing a piece of tinsel and it’s literally vanished?? Turns out our cat has dragged it upstairs in the middle of the night and hid it under the bed! :roflao:

  2. Oh my blimmin gosh the person on the advert hasn’t got the same skin tone as me, but I thought voting Brexit made them go away?! We’re the minorities now won’t be long till we’re all speaking muslamic. They’ve bloody planned this all along they have!

  3. “There is an honesty about the orange. If it is going to be bad it begins from the outside, not from the inside. Many an innocent-looking apple is harbouring a worm in the bud. But the orange has no secret faults. Its outside is a mirror of its inside.”

  4. Janet always does this. My human has to be careful because one minute Janet is walking ahead of her, the next minute she’s rolled over for a belly-rub. Janet never tries to grab my human’s hand when she does it unlike a certain other young lady whose name I won’t mention.

  5. If you’re lucky enough to be going to Anfield don’t be going down Tuebrook, it’s down to one lane from the roundabout because of the stupid bike lane. You’ll be sitting there for hours!

  6. Rolf report 6 Nov

    My American human has given me the honorary title of Head of IT for the help I give him in his home office. My duties include rearranging the keyboard & mouse, tidying the wires, supervising the shredder & helping remove sheets of paper from the printer.

    Rolf x

  7. Cobweb & GT Podgkins ran out all last night after being attacked by Mischief, the rogue cat who came into the house & wanted to fight. I lay awake worried all night but they came back at 7 this morning very upset. They are now eating after having lots of welcome home cuddles.

  8. Knelt down to tie my shoelace down the precinct yesterday.

    Cockney Bob was just coming out of Boots and mistook it for a Marxist gesture. Started booing and hurling abuse at me.

  9. Idk what’s worse the perfect mummy elf on a shelf or the ones who make them look like they’re shagging and sniffing lemo and that. It’s a kids toy you weirdos!

  10. On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Six geese-a-laying, five gold rings, four colly birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Ate goose and pear omelette.

  11. Look I know it’s not a big thing every where but if someone handed me a roast that didn’t have mash AND roasties Id be disgusted I’d still eat it but I’d be very vocal about how annoyed I was x

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