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Last time I told you how we went to a dog show and saw a white, long haired German Shepherd win the best in breed prize and nearly cause a riot. From that moment forth Davidd was determined we were going to get one. The owner of the winning dog had given us the contact details in Wrexham of the breeder of her dog and Davidd was resolute in his desire to get one and terrorise the local breeding community. He rang her the following week and arranged for us to go and view a new litter of puppies that were around four weeks old at the time.

We went and saw the litter the next weekend and literally fell in love with them on the spot. We would have rather had a male but there was only one dog in the litter who had been promised to someone. We chose a bitch and left a deposit ready to come back and collect her in a fortnight, once she was old enough to leave her mum. Never have two weeks gone by so slowly but eventually the time arrived and we drove up to collect our “Pearl”. We decided on the name of Pearl as in pearly-white, the old saying.

We brought her home and introduced her to Major who was immediately smitten with her. She couldn’t do any wrong in his eyes. He would have murderized any dog who stole any of his toys normally but he would let her steal his ball and playfully chase after her. Once he caught her he would not so much bite her as give her a good sucking. She would end up soaking wet covered in Major’s saliva. Luckily she could fit behind the settee and there was no way Major could fit into the narrow gap. He would just lie there patiently waiting for her to venture out again and continue with their little game of chase and “suck the puppy”.

A few weeks after we had brought her home there was a dog show in Royden Park. She hadn’t finished her inoculations yet and shouldn’t really be out but I thought it would do her good to get out and see other dogs. I could carry her so as there was no chance of her catching any viruses. Great idea, she was fascinated with all the other dogs and was happy and safe in my arms.

Now at around that time Wirral had gained its very own radio station. They were at the dog show handing out car stickers and advertising paraphernalia to promote the new radio station. They also had their dolly-birds out in force dressed in very skimpy shorts and very tight fitting t-shirts with the station’s logo emblazoned on the front. They took one look at me with this fluffy little puppy in my arms and that was it, they were putty in my hands. I was immediately surrounded by these dolly-birds who only had eyes for Pearlie – and me, of course.

I was fighting them off explaining that I had to keep her away from other dogs because she wasn’t fully inoculated yet and so that was it. The radio station was also broadcasting from the back of a flat-back truck so I was whisked up onto the back of the lorry to sit down and immediately be surrounded by all these scantily glad young ladies. I am not sure who was enjoying the fuss more, me or Pearlie.

Pearlie really did have the looks but I never did show her at a breed show. I loathe most of the people who breed dogs for show. They are so hypocritical. I am sure there are some who take part for all the right reasons – fun and the enjoyment of the dog – but most are just into it for the snob factor. I was actually told by one guy who was a German Shepherd breeder that I should get her put down and that is what he always did when he had white throw-backs in his litters. It didn’t matter that she had the best temperament of any Shepherd we have ever had, he just looked at the colour and length of her coat and immediately hated her.

She even used to go shopping with Granny and happily sit outside the supermarket waiting for Granny to come out again. She never wandered off or bothered if anyone gave her any attention, she would just ignore them until Granny returned.

Dave & Pearlie

Dave & Pearlie.

Pearlie’s only real failing was that she was a bit possessive about HER Land Rover. Chimpton used to get a telling off for daring to want a ride in her car!

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I was given to Davidd, The Bearkeeper back in 1960 in St Catherine’s Hospital when I was presented to him as a “birth” day present. I came home with him and have been with him ever since. We grew up together and, unlike many other people, he has never decided he was too old to have a teddy bear. I am the oldest bear here at Jammy Toast.

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    1. We never had more than two dogs at any one time. The dogs Bimbo has told you about covered around thirty years and there is still Rico to come.

  1. She was so beautiful but god could she bark. She was a noisy cow, where as our gorge Major (aka Scooby Doo) was just like he had smoked a spliff. The coolest dog you could have EVER met. Dad and Ananasty had some great times with Pearl though when they used to film their music videos. Used to crack me up :roflao:

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