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Our current German Shepherd is a dog by the name of Rico. Rico is a little bit special in that everything on this planet is only here to entertain him, or at least that’s how he thinks. Rico didn’t have a very promising start to life as his first owner died. The family didn’t really know what to do with him and so they left him in his former owners flat and just went a couple of times a day to let him out and to feed him. That situation lasted for around six months. Eventually he was given to the Dog’s Trust in Liverpool who manged to rehome him with another family. Unfortunately, the man from his new family had an accident and ended up in a wheelchair. Rico’s new family were still determined to keep him up until the point he decided it would be good fun to attack the wheels on his owner’s wheelchair. After this latest trick he was returned to the Dog’s Trust and that is where we found him.

We have never had a rescue dog before, we have always bought dogs directly from breeders – with the possible exception of Major. As soon as we found Rico at Liverpool Dog’s Trust we knew he was special. None of the staff could really handle him except for a lovely little Irish girl who was about six stone soaking wet. You could tell that he loved her to death and would pine for her on the days she wasn’t working. He is also a very naughty dog and as soon as his little Irish girl wasn’t around he would decide to bite other dogs when he was out exercising. Not because he was nasty or vicious but because he thought it was fun and well… it kind of passed the time.

We of course fell in love with him and all his little problems foibles.

Before we could bring Rico home we had to spend a week going to visit him every day and getting to know him. We would arrive, take him for a walk, hand him back to one of the Dog’s Trust staff who would return him to his kennel. Rico started to grow fond of us and hated us leaving but that was the rules. One day after taking him for his walk there was no one there to put him back into his kennel, which is like a large cage/enclosure where he lived. The door wasn’t locked so I went inside and started taking his harness off when I heard a commotion from outside his kennel. One of the volunteers came running over from out of nowhere shouting at me that I shouldn’t be in his kennel and screaming about health & safety.

Rico thought he was under attack and launched a counter-attack at this enraged eighteen year old. He had been trying to tell me that I didn’t know the dog well enough to be enclosed within his kennel alone with him. I could have told him that after thirty years of owning German Shepherds I know the ones I can trust and the ones I need to be aware of and I also knew enough not to go screaming and shouting around a dog capable of inflicting “counter-attacks”.

On the day we were to bring Rico home we met his animal psychologist who explained that he was a little disturbed. During the months he had lived on his own in his former owners flat he had developed some rather strange afflictions. Obviously being alone all day he had to come up with little games to play on his own to entertain himself. One was chasing his tail, which he still does to this day when he gets excited, but his favourite was chasing shadows. We could be sitting silently reading the paper in peace in the morning when the wind would decide to blow something casting a shadow through the window. Suddenly all hell would break loose as Rico would launch an attack on the dangerous shadow.

I had a masterplan, though. I bought him a red laser-light and weened him off the shadows and onto the laser’s little red light. Eventually he learned that the red light was much more fun than shadows and so he doesn’t really bother with clouds these days and peace is restored to breakfast times.

His only real draw-back is that he has stolen my Laz-e-Boy recliner and refuses to give it back. He isn’t rude about it, he just expects me – or anyone else – to find somewhere else to sit while he makes himself comfortable.

Who am I to argue?

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I was given to Davidd, The Bearkeeper back in 1960 in St Catherine’s Hospital when I was presented to him as a “birth” day present. I came home with him and have been with him ever since. We grew up together and, unlike many other people, he has never decided he was too old to have a teddy bear. I am the oldest bear here at Jammy Toast.

48 Comments on “Jammy Toast Dogs #12”

  1. Listen not to be dramatic and I don’t CARE if you’re sick of me going on about it… but there’s another bastard wasp in my room iv had 2 days of none.. now they’re back like seriously this isn’t normal… it’s the strangest weirdest fucking thing ever.. I’m burning my house down.

  2. Don’t talk to me about dogs. Knobhead’s been a Knobhead all day . Had my leader in tears before , as she couldn’t get out the house . He’s vandalised the vacuum cleaner . General nuisance .

    He’s a bad Knobhead !

  3. why do cats seem to think them sticking their rusty bullet hole in your face is a sign of affection? just got a pure whiff of arse then and turned my head to be met by the sight of the cat’s pencil sharpener.

  4. my ex tweeted about how much he was enjoying a netflix series and that he had nearly finished it, so I went and changed the password, which kicked him out. is there no end to my love xoxo

  5. I’m feeling a bit worried today. I can’t stop thinking about Gloria and her vet visit tomorrow. She’s going to be very frightened but my human tells me they will give her something to calm her down. I hope they can get the matts off without hurting her.

  6. Rolf report August 13.

    I’m very happy that the weather has improved. No more wind & rain at least temporarily. It means that I can just hang out in the fresh air again & watch the world go by. Of course, as soon as my human arrives I demand attention & adoration from him.

    Rolf x

  7. High was the sun when John went away
    Here they’ve been waiting
    All through the day
    Big Bears and Little Bears,
    White Kings and Black,
    All of them waiting
    Till John comes back
    Some saw the roofs
    Of the little grey town
    And their shadows grew long
    As the sun slipt down.

  8. All day today I’ll be working on Christmas Portraits. I found some tinsel this morning and have hung some on the piano to make a bit of a Xmassy atmosphere. I’ve also found a very old Xmas pudding so if I can find some custard… that’ll be dinner sorted!

  9. I’m dreading being interrogated by the gestapo for going home sick yesterday. I’m just going to focus on compiling an extensive list of outfits for each day including accessories. I might even number each item and work in some kind of vacay ensemble code.

  10. Another day , another church kitchen. With the added bonus of being asked to fill a skip with their junk . Going to be like bargain hunt ? Anyone want 2000 chipped tea cups ?

    A piano , a giant photocopier , a stand alone gas oven , some dangerous scaffolding, a pool table , 4 tea urns , some hot plates , various crockery in 1970s chintz , a tea trolley, boxes of water damaged carpet tiles , some woodworm , boxes of imperial plumbing fittings ?

  11. Can everyone fuck off puttin holiday pics on Facebook it just reminds me im painfully single with no mates n me mum doesnt love me enough to invite me on the family holiday!

  12. At what point should I stop saying OK LOVE YOU on the phone to my son when he’s out with his mates Cos I feel like he doesn’t find it as hilarious as I do?

  13. Me aunties havin a big rant about people who eat when they r drivin saying they r as bad as people who go on their phones as they dont have control n im sat here thinking about the multipack of twirls i nailed wen drivin to get me uncle the paper this mornin.

  14. Surprise at Boris Johnson being unfamiliar with things being stored in an arse in prisons, given that’s where most of his policies seem to be pulled from….

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