Jammy Toast In Turmoil As Jezza Is Suspended

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We all got up this morning to a normal Monday morning of breaky and Jezza. The bears all downed their Jammy Toast and started to gather around the telly awaiting the start of The Jeremy Kyle Show. Wait a minute, what’s happened to Jezza, he’s put a bit of beef on and he’s gone a bit mad with the fake tan? While we’re on the subject, why is he selling antiques at an auction? No, that’s not Jezza, that’s David Dickinson! What is Dickinson’s Real Raw Deal doing on at this time of the morning? We saw no announcement and viewers were turning to Twitter to ask ITV why the show was not on this morning. One in particular asking, “Where has Jeremy Kyle gone? #FindJezza.”

Turns out that ITV has suspended The Jeremy Kyle show after a guest died shortly after filming, and is conducting a review into the episode “given the seriousness of this event”. The channel took today’s show off air and replaced it with the repeat of Dickinson’s Real Deal.

The identity of the person who appeared in the show that led to it being taken off air has not been revealed, and it is also not known whether the death was suicide. ITV said everyone at the show was “shocked and saddened” and their “thoughts are with family and friends”. It will not screen the episode in which the deceased starred and they said both filming and broadcasting were suspended with “immediate effect”.

More than 3,000 episodes of the show have been shown on ITV since July 2005, when it first appeared as a replacement for Trisha. The daytime programme has become known for its argumentative discussions in front of a studio audience about guest’s personal and relationship problems. The show has faced significant criticism, including from a judge in Manchester who condemned it as a “human form of bear baiting”.

District judge Alan Berg had been sentencing security guard David Staniforth who had head-butted bus driver Larry Mahoney during a row on stage. He said at the time: “It seems to me that the whole purpose of The Jeremy Kyle Show is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people who are in some kind of turmoil. It is for no more and no less than titillating members of the public who have nothing better to do with their mornings than sit and watch this show which is a human form of bear baiting which goes under the guise of entertainment.”

Producers claim guests are asked before each show how they would deal with potential outcomes to enable the team to assess their possible reactions. The show also has various aftercare provisions for guests, including psychotherapist Graham Stanier, mental health nurses, counsellors and therapists who can help them following their appearance.

The show has been broadcast in its mid-morning slot since 2005 and is ITV’s most successful daytime show attracting more than a million people (and bears) each day with a 22% audience share. Its guests discuss relationship issues and conflicts with each other in front of a studio audience.

It is well-known for its often heated debates, with Jezza mediating between guests.

The show asks for participants to contact the programme to discuss issues involving DNA and lie detector tests, fighting with an ex over access to a child, feuding families, break-ups, relationship problems, bad parenting, addictions and reunions.

Tomorrow’s show, featuring the return of troubled ex-EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook, will not now be shown.

It is not known when, or even if, the show will return!

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  1. Shut the feck up you bloody mong. You and Granny watch because it makes you feel like you and Meno and OCD sister are not actually that mongling compared. Now, well I’m guessing you better not look around the dinner table Dad :roflao:

  2. I saw an episode last week where they maintained a woman had chosen here paedophile boyfriend over her children and Jeremy Kyle laid into her and literally tore her a new arsehole. If she has committed suicide, he will be up on charges nevermind having a morally abhorrent programme cancelled.

  3. Yeeeeeessssssss! We’re going to Wembley AGAIN. Mike Dean in with the Tranmere Rovers SWA and standing on the railings says it all!

  4. Hi guys reporting live from Pret a Manger. Just crying because I’ve picked up a parcel from the Post Office and it’s wedding related. When am I going to stop crying at this stuff? Surely it’s not normal? Send help x

  5. Today I’m going to feed the homeless at a Nunnery in town instead of my usual office bullshit, hope they like talking about the magic of the universe and my crystals. The Nuns that is. The homeless have enough problems without me harping on. Defo taking a few rose quartz’s to spread the love though. :grin:

  6. Scott
    Michelle, please stop before you say something that ruins your credibility. Women may CLAIM to like sex, but you really don’t. You TOLERATE it under LIMITED circumstances and during limited time frames. That’s nature’s design. Please be honest now.

    scott just told the whole of twitter that he’s got a small willy and has never made a woman orgasm. have a nice day x

  7. Piglet didn’t feel very brave. Wouldn’t it be better to pretend he had a headache, and couldn’t go up to the Six Pine Trees this morning? But then suppose it was a very fine day, and there was no Heffalump in the trap. What should he do?

  8. I had some bad news the other day – someone told my human that we should only have five Dreamies A DAY! Surely this can’t be right? My human gives us much more than that and there is always a packet there for other humans to share with us. This is devastating news.

  9. Theresa May has been urged to abandon cross-party talks by Boris Johnson. He says the Tories are perfectly capable of achieving nothing by themselves.

  10. Just got to spend 45 minutes listening to my mother tell me all about her recent colonoscopy experience, over coffee, in case you were wondering how my day was going.

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