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While everyone has hopefully been enjoying their Easter Bank Holiday, Edward has been hard at work restoring all the old Posts featuring Miss Chimpton, Ananasty and Davidd. Some of the stories are quite amusing and also show just how naughty the terrible trio used to be. The restored posts cover the period from June 2006 through to December 2006 featuring some wonderful stories. Who can forget the Story of Mick, Princess Natalie and the Lighthouse, Antony Cadillac, The Romance between Miss Chimpton and Speedo Trunks Man. Who can forget the day Lisa dared to step out of the house in her Jarmies with a hangover or Chimpton in her Flasher coat?

Then there was the day Ananasty and I stole the Ducks from the gym and Chimpton was mistaken for a Gangster’s Moll. Who can ever forget the infamous game of Eye-Spy where I used the letters “FE” or the Royal Visit to Blackpool?

Not to mention the rather scantily clad Miss Chimpton who attempts dressing up in as little as possible and some of the offers of love she has received. There is also the day some beach-traders decided that she was my Bambino!

Unfortunately, some of the videos we originally posted on YouTube have been removed by Google for copyright infringement on some of the background music we used. We still have the original videos and we will put them up on Jammy Toast as soon as we can. Watch this space!

All of these and many more can now be found in the Archives.

Have fun!

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  1. We were the first Catfish dad!! We could of made a fortune. Instead Im still in birkenhell skint with weirdos emailing asking why I haven’t met them yet. I did love the videos you and Annasty used to make with Pearlie or maje making an appearance haha xx

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