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The Bears have not selected a Hero of The Bears award for some time and we think that in the case of this person it is long overdue. As many of you will know, The Bears love daytime television and spend many hours watching their favourite shows. In reality, they have two favourites who they never like to miss. One is Jeremy Kyle, who has already received a Bear award, and the other is the one and only Judge Judy.

The Bears love watching the Judge Judy show and are often heard threatening Razzi with suing him in Judy’s court if he does not behave himself. We get the feeling that she is the only person of whom Razzi is afraid. When she starts shouting at someone in her courtroom, many of the Bears hide behind the couch!

For many years, Judy Sheindlin worked as a family court judge and in 1993 became the subject of an LA Times article naming her as the most outspoken family court judge. She was then featured on the American news programme 60 Minutes that brought her to national recognition. In turn, this led to the creation of the Judge Judy programme.

She is known through the show for her strictness and her straightforward approach to the cases set before her. She often becomes impatient and irritated by people who fail to get to the point. Anyone who would dare to lie in her court is met with a catchphrase, “Baloney!” If she does not believe anything she is being told, she can be heard telling litigants, “If something doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.” She is also noted for telling people who make unreasonable complaints to “get over it”.

Woe betides anyone who dares to speak out of turn or before they are spoken to by Judy. She often yells back at them, “I’m speaking!” Because of this, the shows tagline has become Justice with an Attitude.

Judy and Byrd

Judge Judy and Officer Byrd

She has many catchphrases that have become known as Judyisms. Many of these are meant to cause the maximum embarrassment to anyone who has dared face her wrath, such as “Beauty fades, dumb is forever”. She has admitted she sometimes sets out to cause embarrassment “in front of ten million people” to someone who has acted badly, as a way of punishing them.

She says the main message she wants people to get from her show is that people must take responsibility for their own actions.

One critic of Judge Judy is Joseph Wapner, who was himself the star of a reality courtroom show, The People’s Court, until 1993. He stated, “She is not portraying a judge as I view a judge should act. Judge Judy is discourteous, and abrasive. She is not slightly insulting. She’s insulting in capital letters.” Judy replied, “I refuse to engage in similar mud-slinging. I do not know where or by whom Judge Wapner was raised but my parents taught me when you do not have something nice to say about someone, say nothing. Clearly, Judge Wapner was absent on the day that lesson was taught.

To end on a high-note, we are pleased to announce that Judy has just signed a new contract to continue the show until at least the 2012-13 season, which will be the seventeenth series.

Long may she continue!

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  1. when i grow up i wana be famous, i wana be a star, be in the movies, when i grow up i wana see the world, drive nice cars, wana have boobies.

  2. I hate Judge Judy. She reminds me of one of our teachers at school! Ahhh! Me and the Mad’ouwse bears went to the park today. I’d send the pictures over through email but Mum’s phone (where the pictures are) doesn’t want them to be sent. I’ll send some other photies over though and HAVE YOU given Epiphany his profile yet???? We’re getting annoyed!!! >:(

      1. lmao no love its ALOT harder than that….u gotta talk about how lipids, amino acids an carbohydrates are digested, what is produced and where its absorbed…..any ideas? lol x

  3. dave, sorry about the language i’m about to let out but my cat, that just had 5 babies 3 weeks ago, got killed by some mother fucker that doesnt know how to watch the road!

    dear asshole that hit my cat,
    i hope you get hit by a car too! i hope you feel bad because those 5 kittens dont have a mother anymore!
    sincerely, me
    p.s fuck you!

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