Kill Two Birds…

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Razzi and I are not really great followers of fashion but we have both agreed there is something to be said for the new design beach shorts. You can never trust the weather here in England, so we can both see the benefit of plastic beach shorts – Cool for the sunny days but provide some shelter if you get caught in a shower. I promise we have not made this up, they are really something that exist – and they can be yours for just £22.42. They are definitely designed to cause a strong impression when we both hit the beach and are a change from the usual swimming trunks.

Four words: Transparent waterproof beach shorts. The clear plastic clothing trend has been seen in womenswear for a while, with clear plastic skirts being sold on Pretty Little Thing, but now it seems the bizarre craze has entered the world of menswear as well.

Made by Maverick Swimwear, the shorts are mostly see-through, but with neon lime green lining and a lime green drawstring. The company’s website says: “The next generation of transparent beach shorts are here! Berlin waterproof transparent shorts leave it totally up to you if you want to wear a colourful statement speedo underneath or just go bare for fun! The polyester shorts come with neon lining that makes you pop out of the crowds!”

They add that the shorts are an exclusive limited edition – so it sounds like you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on a pair. Though we’re not sure how many people are rushing out to buy them, as the resounding opinion on social media seems to be a big fat… NO!

Twitter users have branded them “tacky” and said they very much hope the trend does not catch on.

One person wrote: “Why… just why?”

Another commented: “I’ll just use a clear carrier bag. Same job and only 5p!”

“It’s gonna be a hard no for me,” replied someone else.

A fourth person added that the shorts were “a recipe for sweaty junk”.

Others joked that they would only wear them if they lost a bet with their friends.

Razzi and I can’t wait to hit the beaches of Merseyside this summer! Keep an eye open for one man and his bare bear – you might just see more than you bargained for!

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45 Comments on “Kill Two Birds…”

  1. My dad takes my dog out for me when I work nights and just lets her run riot in the woods and the lake, I come home the next morning to a house full of branches and leaves and it stinks of pond.

  2. My human and I want to say a BIG “thank you” for everyone’s kind comments about Gloria. She says it is good to know that other humans are so caring. Her friend is coming at 8.00 this morning to take Gloria to the vet, fingers crossed all goes well.

  3. Rolf report August 14

    When you’re a cat with very long limbs who wants to sleep in a confined space, it makes sense to stretch out your legs perfectly straight over your head & flex at your hips. If I were a diver or gymnast, I’d win medals for my perfect Pike position.

    Rolf x

  4. It was Pooh’s turn to feel glad because it was he who had first found the North Pole. When they got there, Tigger would see a notice which said, ‘Discovered by Pooh, Pooh found it,’ and Tigger would know the sort of Bear Pooh was. THAT sort of Bear.

  5. Thought I’d wear a yellow dress to counteract the rain, lid wasn’t on my coffee properly. Now wearing a yellow and brown polka dot dress. Perfect, made up. Love being a tramp at 8:15 am x

  6. At home with the kids week 3:

    We’re drawing straws to see who gets put up for adoption, me included.

    I’m even being forced to play Minecraft. Even the cat knows more about Minecraft than me.

  7. Just bought a road atlas and a trilby. I’m officially really old. I threw my North Wales A2Zs out the other month . Dog eared and out of date . This is a proper AA road map , it’s ace . I’m leaving it on the parcel shelf , as a signal to fellow oldies .,

  8. I got a chicken noodle salad for my lunch… nice and healthy right? WRONG checked the calories on the back half way through 734!! Ask me flaps seriously… like that’s a fucking Big Mac x

  9. Have you pumped?

    ‘I have not!’

    You have, you’ve dropped your bag!

    Oh jeez, it’s the pig!!


    I can’t see!

    I can’t see – my eyes are burning!

  10. She’s back! Gloria was really calm. She walked down the path, and then back up again. She had a general anaesthetic because she had 6 teeth out and she was a little bit wobbly. We are so happy to see her back.

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