Lestly In The Hizzouse #13

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Lestly and Chimpton in a scene from their film, Wreck It Ralph!

Ireally meant to do this in time for Christmas but I never got round to it, but let me tell you I am totally confused. Even more confused than I am about this guy in the red suit who calls round every year, dropping shit off and eating my cookies just so Natalie can annoy me the next morning with presents she has received. He’s probably an ex who she gave a blowjob to at some point. So anyway, it all started off about two thousand years ago in this place called Nazareth where there is this chick called Mary who an angel shows up to. The angel is like, “Dude, you’re knocked up!” So she is like, “No Fucking Way! I am a virgin.” So the angel is like, “Yea, sure you are!”

Anyway, the Lord works in mysterious ways which apparently includes your vagina and uterus and whatnot. He tells her there is a baby inside her, so good luck with that. She is like, “Shit, what do I tell my boyfriend?” The angel is like, “Not my problem, but good luck with that, I am out of here!” So the angel flies off and she goes over to her boyfriend and says, “The son of God is inside me.”

Personally I think she handles it pretty well when you consider shes telling her boyfriend that she’s knocked up by a guy she doesn’t even know. My Aunt Susan’s boyfriend didn’t handle it so well.

Anyway, long story short, Joseph is like, “Well, whatever.”

Now if that was me I would have been; was his dick bigger than mine?

Apparently though Joseph must be a little worldlier than I am but eight months later she is well knocked up when the Romans show up. The Romans are like, you guys got to go to Bethlehem because we’ve got to count you all for some reason. Mary and Joseph are like yea cool, let’s jump on this donkey and ride through the scorching hot desert for three days so that we can be counted.

They arrive in Bethlehem a few days later and are supper surprised that no one wants to rent a room to them. This is old times, there’s no showers and they’ve been in the desert for three days they probably smell like a bag of smashed assholes.

Finally someone says to them that they can have their kid out in his barn if they want. I mean cool, that’s where animals shit, I am sure that is a great place to have a baby – in a place with no doctors. So while Mary is in there having this baby this big bright star shows up in the sky and the shepherds start freaking out. Then these three Asian dudes start getting really excited and they grab a bunch of really weird presents and start riding towards them.

Then the baby is born and no one has stopped singing about it since. Two thousand years of the same twenty bloody songs.

Away in a bleeding manger. I just don’t get it.

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A number of things have been pointed out to me lately: I have a mole on my nose which I was completely unaware of, I also have rather mad hair, old glasses and a bit of a wonky-donkey going on. It also appears that I have love-handles because I am getting lax in my exercise routine and a fondness for rubber tree plants. Chimpy even says if she ever met me she would pretend she never knew me.

34 Comments on “Lestly In The Hizzouse #13”

  1. Ahhh shame Joesph never had gay internet porn around he could of sent it to girlies all over Bethlehem pretending he was hung like the donkey in the manger.

    Ps I agree your face is like Ralph the body well lets just leave it there dearest Lestly.

    1. Actually, Joseph is in contact. He is now Joseph MBE for services I shall not mention. So stick to gay porn little dick and as I have seen Joseph in the flesh, I know his member works.

      Plus father this one actually wanted to marry me for real not in the school play.

      1. Dearest Chimpton,

        Before today I have not commented on here for over six months and yet you harp on about me every other day. You really do need to get over me and move on! :wink:

        Love Ralph xx

        1. Yes your right Ralph, you know how I enjoy cheap thrills. Unusual for you to even reply though. You usually change your number or leave the country. I shall therefore shut it with the comments about you. I will leave that to Matt, he is far better at it than I. Point well made BarBerra.

          Plus you’re gay anyway.

  2. Moe Howard was 77 when he died. Larry Fine was 72. Shemp was 60 and poor Curly went at 48. The only logical conclusion is that it’s better to poke someone in the eye than to be poked.

  3. Even though she’s still on vacation, my youngest woke up early to make coffee and have breakfast with me. I have the sweetest daughters!

    (Had to pluralize it, in case my other daughter ever reads this…)

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