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Keep Talkin About Me Mate Lorah Bt I Have Never Told Yas How I Know Her && Stuff.. It Was Years Ago When I Was In School && I Went Into Me Classroom To Do Registration && There Was This Weird Lookin Girl Sittin Next To The Teachers Desk.. I Didnt Know Who She Was So Just Bein Funny I Asked Her If She Was Lyk The New Teacher.. She Didnt Answer Me She Just Give Me A Funny Look && Snarled Me.. I Just Thought Right F*ck You, Am Not Arsed.. Soon After Tha Our Teacher Come In && Told Everyone To Sit Down.. Then She Said That This Girl Sittin Next To Her Desk Was Lorah && She Was Comin To Our School On A Transfer.. The Only People Who Transfered To Our School Woz Because They Got Excluded From Their School So I Said, “Who Did Ya Kill To Get Excluded From Ya Old School??” Our Teacher Went Mental && Told Me To Mind Me Own Buziness So I Knew It Was True, She Was Excluded From Her Old School..

At Break We Was Out In The Playground && Lorah Was Just Sittin Off On Her Own.. I Thought That Was A Bit Mean So I Went Over To Her.. I Told Her I Wasnt Bein Arsey With Her I Was Just Havin A Laugh && Asked Her Where She Lived.. She Told Me She Was From St Helens && I Was Lyk, “F*ckin Hell, There Must Be Loads Of Schools In St Helens, How Come None Of Them Will Take Ya?? Its A Right Mission To Come To Our School Every Day..” She Told Me That I Was Right, She Was Excluded From Her Old School && Loads Of Others, Usually For Fightin.. Her Dad && Her Brother Were Both In Prison && People Used To Take The Piss && Call Her Jailbird && So She Used To Get Into Fights With Other Kids Over It.. One Thing I Have Always Hated Is Bullyin && That Was Just Total Bullyin && I Never Knew Why She Got Excluded For Tha.. She Was Just Stickin Up For Her Family..

We Got Chattin && She Told Me That Her Brother Always Used To Steal Cars.. She Even Laughed && Said That He Was A Shit Driver So He Always Used To Get Caught By The Bizzies.. She Was A Bit Shy Bt That Was Only To Be Expected Cos She Was In A Strange School Where She Knew No One.. So I Took Her Round The Playground && Told All Me Mates That She Was Sound && Dont Give Her No Bother..

We Spent The Rest Of The Day Together && She Started Sittin Next To Me In Classes && We Started Gettin To Know Each Other.. At Home Time, I Went To Get Me Stuff Out Of Me Locker && Lost Her.. I Didnt Know Where She Was.. I Never Thought Nothin Of It, I Just Thought I Would See Her The Next Day.. Bt When I Got To The School Gate She Was Standin There Strokin Dogg Who Had Come To Meet Me Like He Always Did.. I Walked Up To Her && Said, “So Ya Have Met Dogg Then??” && She Was Lyk, “Is He Yours?? I Love Labradors..”

I Asked Her How She Was Gettin Home && She Said She Would Be There For Ages Cos She Had To Wait For Her Mum To Pick Her Up When She Got Off Work At Five.. It Was Only 3:20 So I Said, “Why Dont Ya Come To Ours && Text Ya Mum Where Ya Are.. She Can Pick Ya Up From Our House Later On..” So Lorah Come Home With Me && Started Doin That Every Night.. We Would Go To Ours, Get A Bit Of Scran && Watch The Telly Until Her Mum Picked Her Up Later On.. She Would Even Spend Some Nights At Ours On A Sleepover && I Would Go Home With Her && Her Mum Some Nights Too.. She Got To Know Me && Dogg && I Got To Know Her && Her Parrot Thingy && Later On She Got Two Chinchilla && I Got To Know Them Too..

Some Nights When We Were At Hers, We Would Go On MSN && Chat With Davidd && Thats How He Taught Her Parrot To Swear — I Think I Told Yas About That Before..

We Became Best Mates && The Two Of Us Used To Terror Our School.. Other Days We Used To Go In, Go To Registration && Then Bunk Over The Wall At The Back Of The School && Go Back To Ours && Spend The Day Creatin Havoc.. Some Days Paul, Her Brother Who Was Always In Trouble, Would Pick Us Up In His Latest Stolen Car.. This One Day A Girl Who Was Older Than Us Started Pickin On Lorah && So She Smacked Her One In The Mouth && Broke Two Of Her Teeth.. Her Mate Told Us That Her Big Brother Was Goin To Come && Get Us So Paul Come Over && Jumped Her Brother When He Turned Up.. We Got Into Trouble At School Again Bt Nothin Too Bad..

One Day When I Was Off School Supposed To Be Sick — Me, Me Mum && Me Sisters Went To See JLS Really — Lorah Got Into A Fight With Another Girl In Our School && Put Her In Hospital, She Got Excluded.. That Was The End Of Us Seein Each Other Every Day.. We Still Used To Stay At Each Others Houses Bt It Wasnt The Same As Bein In School Every Day Together..

We Stayed Mates && Are Still Mates Today..

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa Kurby && I Am Havin A Boss Time Here Writing On The Blog && That Coz Davidd Is Proper Gettin Too Old To Write && It's Doin Me Wig In.. I Feel Proper Ashamed For Him, The Fu*kin State.. Davidd Told Me To Write Yas Little Stories About Me Life But I Said No, I Cant Write Stories. I Never Even Passed Me GCSE English.. But He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shite..

63 Comments on “Lorah”

  1. I watch loads of Police documentaries and let me tell you, car thieves are always crap drivers!!

    Let me tell you too, Lorah’s parrots were brilliant and they used to pop their heads up whenever they heard my voice. I loved her Chinchillas too!!

  2. I just wanna know how the girl from our school who literally shit the bed at a house party when some lad was shagging her and was forever known as shitty knickers all the way through school is getting married and yet here’s me…

  3. I’ve just found a wallet outside Tesco’s with £60 in it and I wasn’t sure if I should hand it in or keep it.

    I went to walk away with it then I thought, “What would Jesus do?”

    I turned around, walked back into Tesco’s… and turned it into wine. Cheers!

    :wine: :wine: :wine: :wine: :wine: :wine:

  4. I called my therapist in a panic today, but we worked though the crisis. Turns out I’m having what’s known as a “good day,” resulting in something called a “good mood.”

  5. cant believe ive got to put the city into managed decline all by myself now am a tory. im so stressed about it. dont know whether to start with belle vale or wavertree, dont even know what to wear either.

  6. Reminder: If we cancel one of our award winning aerial displays because of fog, it’s not because we can’t handle it. You think we are like Speke Airport – grinding to halt due to a bit of mist? We can fly through electrical storms and thunder snow but our primary concern is YOUR entertainment. Do you think you’ll be able to see our stunning grey feathers in the sky through a thick grey fog? Will your human eyes cope? NO.

    So yes tomorrow’s display may be off but we’re not to blame. The fog is, followed by YOUR limits.

  7. There are lots of things to do and see at the allotments but sometimes I just like to sit, and think. I think about how much my life has changed since I’ve been here. Now I have food, shelter and most of all, love. Every cat deserves that.

  8. ”When the War is over and the sword at last we sheathe,
    I’m going to keep a jelly-fish and listen to it breathe.
    When the War is over and we’ve finished up the show,
    I’m going to plant a lemon-pip and listen to it grow.”

  9. Happy Roast Dinner all – very strange times currently with friends and families not able to see one another so why not contact someone you’ve not seen or spoken to for a while?

    You could ring, text, email – send a carrier pigeon?

    It’s always nice to know someone is thinking of you especially in these uncertain times!

  10. Free advice to the government: You could save yourself a lot of time and effort by doing the right thing in the first place. I’m sure the MPs you made vote against feeding the kids two weeks ago will agree.

  11. Rolf report 8 Nov

    Guy Fawkes Night was last Thursday but several families nearby set off fireworks last night. Many pets are terrified of the loud bangs but I just calmly sleep through them. This “cool as a cucumber” personality is part of what makes me a good campus cat.

    Rolf x

  12. Knobhead is in dog prison after nipping Nanny Auds finger. I’m off to negotiate his release as the dickhead isn’t moving back here again.

    Nan wants his knackers for earrings!

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