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ever thought i would write on a blog but i have been kickin’ off all week on twitter, so andreaa said i should explain why on here. i was goin’ to ask davidd if it was alright but i think andreaa is the boss these days anyhow, so yeno. ive been stickin’ up for marcus rashford and the fact tha he is writin’ stuff for the s*n newspaper. he has been gettin’ sh*t about it all week and all i can say is, whoever is advising him needs to be sacked. i feel like layin’ in to him but then i look at the fact he got kids fed when the government said “fuck them kids”. he needs better people advising him and educating him imo.

as scousers we hate the s*n newspaper and rightly so. however, yeno what not everyone else in the country has the same feelins about that rag — EVEN THOUGH THEY F*UCKING SHOULD!

as much as i want to cancel marcus rashford for speaking to them i can’t. look at what he’s done for kids in poverty with empty bellies. if he was a scouser or a red then yes, have a go. one thing though, we as scousers need to understand not everyone has the same level of understanding about that abomination of a rag. it’s unfortunate and a result of the job the establishment did on the rest of the country.

i’m pinning my hopes on him bein’ young enough to make mistakes, but also clever enough to learn from them and acknowledge them.

it honestly goes against the grain for me to give anyone a “pass” with that rag but this is about starving kids. we need to educate don’t vilify.

much like the tories, that rag cannot be trusted. they are a taboo subject and one we don’t like to face or see but not everyone sees that rag like we do unfortunately. especially that c*nt kelvin mackenzie (who has me blocked on twitter yeno).

you watch, if the s*n is anything to go by, they’ll be slaggin’ marcus rashford off next month for somethin’ else. you watch!

not everyone has our heart yeno. i kicked off in a campsite my ma has a caravan on for giving away free copies of the s*n and they looked at me like i had two heads. i told em what that rag said about the hillsborough dead and they still didn’t acknowledge what i was sayin’. my ma on the other hand said “nice one”

anyway am off to bed; make no mistake, fuck the s*n & anyone who writes for it or reads it.

go edd!

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Lorah Mac

I met Andreaa when we went to school together and she's been my mate ever since. Went to Andreaa's school because I got excluded from all the schools near us. Me and Andreaa became mates but then they split us up when her school excluded me for fighting too. I am a good girl these days, with two little babies to look after. I know Davidd too cos he taught my cockatiels to swear!!

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  1. My puppy had something in his mouth so my sister grabs it, it’s a mouse, she throws it. He fetches it again. I pick him up & shake him till he drops it. The mouse starts wiggling, then a giant maggot crawls out of it. I guess what I’m trying to say is think before getting a puppy!!

  2. Welcome to Tangerine Thursday

    To find happiness, focus not on what we want, but rather on what we have. I want fresh salmon but I know I have a silver pouch of happiness waiting for me, that’ll do me nicely.

  3. Janet is looking very thoughtful this morning. I think that Gloria Glover had told her something important and Janet was thinking about it. Janet is a good listener and not at all bossy like a certain other young lady whose name I won’t mention. I’m sure you know who I mean.

  4. “When an animal is being particularly busy underneath a few leaves, thinking very deeply about things, giving himself up to very serious reflection, he does not want to be disturbed.”

  5. Rolf report 19 Nov

    I love spending time at the home of my campus mom Dr Claudia & taking part in her online seminars. But when I’m ready for a change of scene, I let Claudia know in very loud terms. She will then WhatsApp my American human who will come to collect me.

    Rolf x

  6. Just heard the sad news that Tony Hooper the joint founder of Strawbs alongside Dave Cousins has sadly passed away . I have so many great memories of being part of the unique line-up that included Dave Cousins, Richard Hudson and John Ford.

  7. BBC Radio 1 will not play original version of Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl this Christmas, because its audience may be offended by derogatory terms for gender and sexuality…

    No, really? This has actually tipped me over the edge!

  8. Quick reminder that the entire planet has failed to control Covid19 in any way – entire economies have been ruined and populations enslaved by Politicians and Scientists

    Now the same Politicians and Scientists are demanding to “control climate change” – using the same methods.

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