Men Ain’t Shit

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AFew Of Me Mates Have This Saying, “Men Ain’t Shit!!” Everytime I Hear That It Makes Me Laugh.. I Never Did Me GCSE In English Bu I Do Know What A Double-Negative Is, So It Doesnt Really Make Sense.. I Still Get What They Mean Though.. Most Of The Mates Am Talkin About Have Been Cheated On By Lads Which Is Why They Use The Saying.. I Have Told You Before About The Miscarriage I Had When I Was With Liam Bu I Also Had Another One When I Was With Anthony.. I Know It Is A Man Thing To Block Out All The Painful Shit In Their Lives Bu The Reason We Split Up Was That He Just Wouldnt Talk To Me About Our Miscarriage.. I Know Inside He Was Hurtin, Probably Just As Bad As Me, Bu He Would Never Talk To Me About It Or Even Let Us Comfort Each Other.. I Have Often Thought About Him Since && I Hoped He Was Okay, I Dont Wish Him Any Harm, I Dont Have Any Reason To.. The Miscarriage Wasnt His Fault It Was Just Life..

Over Time, I Heard From Mates That He Had Got A New Girlfriend After We Had Finished && Also That They Had A Baby.. I Was Happy For Him Inside Because I Knew He Would Make A Great Dad.. When I Told Him I Was Pregnant He Was Made Up Which Is What Made It Even More Sad When He Wouldnt Talk About The Pain Of Losin Our Baby..

Then A While Later I Got A Message From Him, Out Of The Blue.. It Was A Nice Message Askin How I Was && Tellin Me He Had Never Forgotten Our Baby That We Lost.. That Was A Bit Of Shock Because I Used To Break Down In Tears All The Time For No Reason After The Miscarriage && His Reaction Was Always, “Whats Up With Ya, Now??” Water Under The Bridge Really, So I Decided To Be Nice && Replied That I Had Heard He Had Got A New Girlfriend && A Baby && Hoped That Everythin Was Goin Great && He Was Happy.. He Told Me That The Baby Was Fine, As Far As He Knew, Bu That He Had Split Up With The Girl && She Wasnt Lettin Him See The Baby Which Was What Was Makin Him Think About Our Baby..

He Asked Me If I Had A Boyfriend && At The Time I Didnt.. He Asked If I Fancied Goin Out To See A Film Or Get Somethin To Eat.. I Told Him I Didnt Want To Get Involved Romantically Again Cos We Had Too Much Water Under Our Bridge.. He Said He Was Disappointed In Tha Bu How About Just Bein Mates, Maybe Have A Chat && See If We Could Put Some Old Shit Behind Us..

I Really Wanted To Say No Bu I Chickened Out && Just Said I Would Think About It && Get Back To Him..

The Whole Thing Was Runnin Through My Head For A Few Days && I Wasnt Sure If I Believed Everythin He Was Tellin Me.. Thats When I Remembered The Tricks That Davidd, Chimpton && Watchin Catfish Had Taught Me.. I Started Searchin Through Social Media.. I Wanted To See If I Could Find Anthonys Ex-Girlfriend && See If The Story I Was Gettin Was The Truth.. I Knew Her Name From A Mutual Friend So I Searched && Found She Had Facebook.. On Her Facey It Said That She Was In A Relationship With Anthony Bu If They Had Only Broken Up Recently, She Just Might Not Have Got Round To Updatin It.. Her Facey Wasnt Even Locked Down, So I Could Look Through Her Pictures && There Was A Picture Of Her && Anthony At A Friends Birthday && It Was Only A Week Previous.. There Was Also A Very Recent Picture Of Anthony && Their Baby.. So Much For Her Not Lettin Him See The Baby.. This Was Startin To Look A Bit Suspicious..

I Decided To Play It Cool Though, I Messaged Anthony && Said I Had Been Thinkin About His Offer Bu That If He Had Only Recently Split Up With His Ex I Didnt Want To Get Caught In Any Crossfire.. Anthony Told Me He Had Split Up With Her Over A Month Ago && That He Hadnt Seen Her In That Time && That She Wouldnt Even Let Him See Their Child, Which Is Why He Had Been Thinkin About Our Child..

That Night I Was Chattin With Davidd On The Way Home From Work && I Told Him About What Had Been Happening.. Most People Who Know Him, Think Davidd Is A Cool Dude Bu He Is One Evil Fucker If You Get On The Wrong Side Of Him, So He Gave Me Some Brilliant Advice..

I Started Plannin My Revenge..

I Messaged Anthony && Said That If I Was Bein Honest I Still Loved Him, I Had Never Stopped.. If He Wanted To Get Back Together, I Would As Long As He Had Been Split With His Ex-Girlfriend For A Month.. He Swore Down That He Hadnt Seen Her For That Time && The Only Time He Was Goin To See Her Again Would Be To Visit His Son.. He Hated Her && Was Sorry He Had Ever Been With Her && The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of Their Relationship Was Their Little Boy..

That Was It, I Went To Get The Picture Of Him With Her At The Party To Send To Him So That He Knew That I Knew They Were Still Together.. Things Had Moved On Though.. When I Got On Her Facey Again There Was A Picture Of Her With A Little Baby Bump From That Very Morning.. She Was Annoncing She Was Pregnant Again With Anthony’s Second Child && That He Was The Best Thing That Had Ever Happened To Her.. I Then Used Davidd’s Advice && Forwarded The Picture To Anthony && Then Copied The Messages He Had Sent Me Sayin He Hated Her && Still Loved Me To Her..

I Couldnt Wait For The Third World War To Start Between All Three Of Us..

I Was Disappointed Though, They Both Blocked Me..

I Guess Men Ain’t Shit, After All!!

Traa xx

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I Am Andreaa && I Am Havin A Boss Time Ere Writin On The Blog && Tha.. I Feel Proper Ashamed, The F*ckin State Of It.. Davidd Told Me If Ya Hav A Blog All Ya Have To Do Is Write Little Stories Abowt Ya Life Bt I Said No, I Cant Write Nothin.. I Neva Evn Passed Me GCSE English.. Bt He Bullies Me Yerno, So Me Stories Are Usually Shit..

60 Comments on “Men Ain’t Shit”

  1. Call Mum: “Has your jab been sorted out yet?” “Has yours?” “I’m not a priority, you are”. “You’re a priority to me. And I fully intend to let the Secretary of State for Health know about it”.

  2. Taking the plunge and leaving my horrible job at uni to go full time in the job I love doing eyelashes. So nervous but how boss is it doing something you love for a living I’m so lucky!

  3. Good morning and welcome to tangerine tipperty tap tap Thursday.

    Which also happens to be National Dress Up Your Pet Day, sadly the costume I purchased for the Fat Controller hasn’t arrived yet – let’s hope it arrives today.

  4. Will the day ever come when I understand what my human is talking about? She said Red Fred and I look like a pair of ‘bookends’. I don’t think we look anything like the ends of books. Do all ancient humans say weird things?

  5. “Where is Father Christmas? Does he sleep for 51 weeks? Does he shave, and mix with us mortals? Or does he spend the year in training, in keeping down his figure? Chimney work is terribly trying; the figure wants watching if one is to carry it through successfully.”

  6. Happy St Knut’s Day, the last of Christmas, in Sweden. Everyone sings a song about a goat man bringing presents and throws the Christmas tree out of the window where it is collected and disposed of environmentally on pain of imprisonment.

  7. Rolf report 14 Jan

    Sometimes I do daredevil things but mostly I just do ordinary things. Today, I’m enjoying the simple pleasures in life, playing with a ping pong ball with my campus mom Dr Claudia, giving joy to the humans like thousands of other cats all over the world.

    Rolf x

  8. I really wanna let Mildred off her lead when we go on our walks to the park so she can run free but she’s too precious to me I’m scared she’ll run off or there’ll be mean dogs there one day I’m like nemo’s dad.

  9. Its’s raining & cold and I am going to sit in front of the log burner with a notebook to write ideas in, pausing only to dish up some more dangerous veg soup that I made yesterday & which certainly made it’s mark this morning. (I will leave you to work out where that mark was).

  10. Despite previously saying we’d be moving down south and taking over the Tower of London in 2021 and getting rid of the ravens we want to clarify that this was a joke, we would never leave Birkenhead. We hope the missing Raven Merlina returns soon.

    Someone tell the police to take us off the suspect list.

  11. We now have more patients on ventilators than during the first peak. That’s nearly 3500 people fighting for their lives right now. We don’t want you to be one of them. Please stay at home!

  12. I am sad, The Fat Controller has received a Track And Trace alert and won’t be able to see meownself for a while.

    I am sadder than a sad thing on national sad day!!

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