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Our neighbours here at Jammy Toast have a daughter who is a dab-hand with the old Crayola’s. So, Molly saw our bears through the window and collared me about who they all are. When I told her that they are very special bears who we rescued because their children had grown up and didn’t want them anymore, I expected her to be sad for the bears. Not on your life, she told me that she has a bear named Tott and informed me that when she grows up and doesn’t want Tott anymore then we can have him. I am sure there is some childish logic in there somewhere. Molly asked if she could draw pictures for the bears. I told her that she can draw her pictures and each month she can pick her best drawing and we will post it here on Jammy Toast – but only if it is good enough of course

I wonder what could possibly be on Molly’s mind this month. But as you can see from Molly’s picture, Santa has been on a crash diet this year and indeed is looking very svelte-like. The only problem I can see with Molly’s masterpiece is, how is Santa going to get Molly’s horse into that sack? Come to think of it, I am not so sure Rudolph would appreciate having to drag a horse all over the night sky!

Maybe in January, Molly can show us what she got for Christmas.

Father Christmas With His Presents

Father Christmas With His Presents.

As you can see, we make special allowance for Molly and she can draw her pictures in full-colour. She has special permission from the bears to do this even though it is a first in Jammy Toast history. Molly, you are very honoured.

Garfield Strip

Garfield is copyright © Paws, Inc. If you like the cartoons we reproduce here on Jammy Toast, please consider purchasing some of the Garfield official merchandise. These are available through where you can view them in full-colour and at a higher quality!

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My name is Molly and my bear is called Tott. We live next door to Jammy Toast with my mummy and my daddy and Davidd lets me see the bears and draw pictures to show on Jammy Toast where they save bears because their children have grown up and don't want them any more. Tott would like to live at Jammy Toast when I get too old for him.

62 Comments on “Molly’s Pictures #7”

  1. I had my vaccination this morning & as I was driving home I remembered I’d forgotten to pick up some milk so I took a quick detour to The Asda. Imagine my surprise when Bill Gates rang me up on my mobile and said “You should’ve taken the second exit at that roundabout, Tone!”

  2. When we ran the ‘faking human emotions’ workshop, Matt Hancock got called away before they covered the bit on the importance of tears when pretending to cry.

  3. My nan had the vaccine today and so far no side effects.

    She did have an awkward moment in Tesco though when she accidentally scanned herself as part of the meal deal…

  4. Piglet was getting a little pink round the nose. The pink went slowly up his nose to his ears and settled there. The tips of his ears glowed and he tried to say something; but even after he had husked once or twice, nothing came out. He sighed with happiness.

  5. Rolf report 9 Dec

    My American human often walks me to campus on my leash & I like to walk back home with him, side by side, bro by bro. As a cat, I need to determine priorities. So I make him wait for me whilst I check out the hedgerows for other cats & little creatures.

    Rolf x

  6. Things might not have looked very interesting to some but there were two things to notice this morning – 1) Dumpling and I were sitting fairly close, 2) I’m not being smacked. I’m trying not to build my hopes up, but this is a good sign, isn’t it?

  7. Michael Gove on Northern Ireland: “There will be no checks on the border. Just lots of people examining everything to determine whether the systems are being followed properly.”

  8. My cat has no idea we’re going to the V E T first thing tomorrow so they can check her teeth and mystery jaw lumps and I feel horrible having a nasty secret even though it is literally impossible for me to communicate this to her.

    But what if my cat has jaw cancer?

    She does not have chin cancer and she does not need teeth out! Maybe she just has feline acne lol

  9. I love the school library & listening to stories so much I have my own special box of books. I’m just revealing the latest Cilla’s recommended reads. Ta-dah!

  10. Just logged into me old Snapchat for the first time in about a year and the first thing I said to someone was their chilli con carne looked shit. There’s a reason I don’t use that app and you are also one Rag. Stop sending me fishing crap!

  11. On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: nine ladies dancing, eight maids-a-milking, seven swans-a-swimming, six geese-a-laying, five gold rings, four colly birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Watched the dancing, ate the birds.

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