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Our neighbours here at Jammy Toast have a daughter who is a dab-hand with the old Crayola’s. So, Molly saw our bears through the window and collared me about who they all are. When I told her that they are very special bears who we rescued because their children had grown up and didn’t want them anymore, I expected her to be sad for the bears. Not on your life, she told me that she has a bear named Tott and informed me that when she grows up and doesn’t want Tott anymore then we can have him. I am sure there is some childish logic in there somewhere. Molly asked if she could draw pictures for the bears. I told her that she can draw her pictures and each month she can pick her best drawing and we will post it here on Jammy Toast – but only if it is good enough of course

This month Molly is spending many hours cooked up in the house and so she decided to draw her best friend from school. Her best friend is called Tina and I feel like if I bumped into her in the street, I would recognise her straight away from Molly’s drawing. The only problem is that Tina has blonde hair in real life but Molly hasn’t got a blonde crayon so we used a little poetic licence with the hair dye.

Another masterpiece I feel.

Molly's Friend, Tina

Molly’s Friend, Tina.

As you can see, we make special allowance for Molly and she can draw her pictures in full-colour. She has special permission from the bears to do this even though it is a first in Jammy Toast history. Molly, you are very honoured.

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My name is Molly and my bear is called Tott. We live next door to Jammy Toast with my mummy and my daddy and Davidd lets me see the bears and draw pictures to show on Jammy Toast where they save bears because their children have grown up and don't want them any more. Tott would like to live at Jammy Toast when I get too old for him.

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    1. On the rare occasions you deign to write anything for us, shall we not dwell on the number of spelling mistakes are in the prose you send us?

      (Sent from my wheel-less wheelchair!)

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