Moments On The London Underground

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Here at Jammy Toast we love old black and white photographs – they just seem to have far more realism and atmosphere than their coloured siblings. We have posted collections before but a new book has recently caught our eye. Today, taking photographs is commonplace but back in the 1970s a camera on the underground was a rare thing, often meaning the photographer could capture candid moments from unsuspecting people, or even generate a reaction from those being photographed. Since the first trains ran on the London Underground in 1863 the tunnels and platforms that make up the network have acted as the backdrop to the lives of the many passengers travelling across the capital.

For photographer Mike Goldwater – the author of the new book – the interactions and chance encounters were there to be recorded by his camera. Taken during the 1970s, these pictures capture the network before modernisation, a time when you were allowed to smoke and tickets were purchased from large machines for just a few pence.

Goldwater travelled from station to station looking for his next picture for ten years as his career as a photographer began to take shape. The series ended in 1980 when he helped to set up the picture agency Network Photographers and he turned his lens to the wider world above ground…

Piccadilly Circus 1978

Piccadilly Circus 1978.

Holborn 1978

Holborn 1978.

King's Cross 1972

King’s Cross 1972.

Moorgate 1973

Moorgate 1973.

Northern Line 1974

Northern Line 1974.

Northern Line 1975

Northern Line 1975.

Oxford Circus 1979

Oxford Circus 1979.

Tottenham Court Road 1977

Tottenham Court Road 1977.

Wembley Park 1979

Wembley Park 1979.

Westbourne Park 1979

Westbourne Park 1979.

All photographs from the book London Underground 1970-1980, by Mike Goldwater. Published by Hoxton Mini Press.

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