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We bears are finding it more and more difficult to actually post things here on Jammy Toast. The amount of space for us to post any articles has been reduced because of the arrival of Andreaa, Lestly, Mr Benn, AA Milne, Aleksandr Orlov and Michael Bond. We are not blaming these people or Mr Bearkeeper but we like posting on the blog and currently find it difficult squeezing in – there simply aren’t enough days in the week. So, we have taken the step of starting our very own blog; Renault Bears. This new blog will be a blog for teddy bears only. No humans are allowed although we don’t mean this in a nasty way, just that we want to blog when we want and not when we can find some limited space.

The Bearkeeper is happy with our decision and has even been helping Edward put the new blog together. Our new Teddy Bear Blog will not open for business until January, when it will be open to visitors. Obviously, Renault Bears – the website – will be open for humans to comment on and it is up to all our Toaster friends whether they want to visit both blogs or just remain here on Jammy Toast.

So far, Edward, Eddie, Erik, Flat Eric, Razzi and Uncle Bimbo have all agreed to write regular posts for Renault Bears. Others are welcome to join us whenever they feel like, or not as the case may be. All the Renault Bear site authors are still free to write for Jammy Toast also, if they so desire, as we hope to run both websites/blogs as “brothers in arms”. We are not enemies fighting each other for comments or visitors – we are friends.

So, as from one minute after midnight on the first of January the new Renault Bear’s blog will be open to visitors.

We hope to see you all there!

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I am the bear in charge of things and also the Blog Admin. I keep the bear’s online presence alive and ticking while helping with many of the day to day tasks around Jammy Toast. I also have the distinction of being the only bear to graduate from Cambridge University where I gained a PhD. in Computer Sciences.

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  1. Don’t you hate when you’re about to fall asleep and your brain is like: “Remember that one time in school when you tripped and everyone laughed and laughed and laughed… dumbass?”

  2. have you seen the pic of the couple arrested for the drone “attacks? christ, i wasn’t expecting that. they look like they run the local neighbourhood watch or something. imagine your mum and dad getting arrested for flying drones bringing gatwick airport to a standstill.

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