New Hope For Gary McKinnon

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The story of the extradition of our friend Gary McKinnon has taken another turn after Theresa May has asked for the case to be put on hold. The new Home Secretary wants more time to consider the issues of the case. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were both sympathetic with Gary’s plight while they were in opposition, so now is the time for them to act.

As regular readers of our blog will know, Gary has been under threat of extradition to America to stand trial for hacking into Pentagon computers looking for evidence of the existence of UFOs. The American’s want him to stand trial in their country where he could face up to 60 years in jail. This is despite the fact that he committed the offence in this country.

Theresa May is looking at medical evidence to determine if Gary, who as Asperger’s syndrome and is said to be suicidal, is fit to be extradited to America. It now looks like the judicial review of the decision to extradite him will be put on hold until the new Home Secretary can review all the facts. This is seen as Gary’s last chance of keeping him in this country.

Gary’s lawyer, Karen Todner, said they have been promised a decision in a matter of weeks rather than months. Ms Todner said, “The Secretary of State, having recently taken office and having received further representations from the claimant’s representatives, wishes to have appropriate time to fully consider the issues in the case.” Gary had received little or no compassion from the five previous Home Secretaries who have held office during the long legal fight. However, Ms Todner said that she hoped the decision was a “signal of a more compassionate and caring Home Secretary”.

The Bears have long memories and remember that David Cameron, when he was in opposition, said that he would change the law if they came to power so that cases like this could be tried in the UK. Only last year, he said that, if Mr McKinnon had questions to answer, “He should answer them in a British court”.

The Bears hope that now he is in power, Mr Cameron will remember his promises!

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