Title: Bear With Me Archive Created
Posted by: The Bearkeeper
Date: 3rd July 2019
Category: Added Feature
Details: Our new cartoon – Bear With Me – now has an Archive Page similar to the Garfield Archive. To access the new page, click on “Art & Toons” then click on “Bear With Me” and go to the month you require.
Title: Database Updated
Posted by: The Bearkeeper
Date: 26th June 2019
Category: Site News
Details: The WordPress database has been updated and many mistakes from the last thirteen years rectified. Many of the duplicated posts from when we merged Jammy Toast, Renault Bears and other blogs from over the years where found and removed.
Title: News Page Launched
Posted by: The Bearkeeper
Date: 14th June 2019
Category: News
Details: This is the new Jammy Toast News Page. Any news which we wish to relay will appear on this page. If you are reading this then please make a note to check back here from time to time. You never know we may play “Where’s Wally?” one of these days and he could be hidden on this page. If any important news is posted here we will set a pop-up reminder. Anyone ignoring the reminder will – of course – be shot!