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Keanu Reeves uses the phone in a scene from The Matrix.

You may remember last year I told you all of Nokia’s plans to relaunch their 3310 model with an improved “Snake” game. This retro phone was quite successful sales wise, despite the fact it was very limited in features and did not support 4G. In many cases it wouldn’t even connect to some networks. Now comes the news that the company are to relaunch the 8110 from the late 1990s. This phone was famously featured in the sci-fi film The Matrix, for which it was modified featuring a spring-loaded mechanism. The new 2018 version of the 8110 will include 4G and another new version of the Snake game.

The new phone is again developed by HMD Global. It was announced in February at The Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, as a revival of the original Nokia 8110, which was popularly known as the “Matrix phone”. It runs on an operating system based on the now defunct KaiOS – a forked version of Firefox OS – and through the company’s partnership with Google also features Google services like Maps and Assistant.

Although the phone is clearly intended as a fun throwback, it also works to raise awareness that the Nokia brand is still alive and kicking. The spec for the phone is mostly pointless as this is really no more than a feature phone. Nevertheless, the phone can prove useful as a travel device due to the 4G LTE chip, which means it can be used as a mobile hotspot to connect other devices while travelling. It would be ideal for taking on holiday as it has a 25-day battery life.

The phone is curved and so is also available in yellow to make it look like a banana but looks really sexy in black. I think the phone will have two target audiences in mind, based on the response it received for the 3310. The first group are people who love the company’s feature phones and see no reason to change to a smartphone, but who want the latest connections. Nokia’s other key market are those who may have a smartphone, which they will continue to use as their primary device, but who loved the original Nokia 8110.

The platform features an App Store where third-party developers can publish software, which already runs on 30 million devices in India and North America.

The phone is available for €79 and is due to be shipped in May.

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