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Iwas reading through the BBC News website today, when I came across a story of some robotic bears who are being developed to help make sick kids better. Huggable is a project of the Personal Robots Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They are running research to see how robots could help sick or injured children. The bear integrates an Android smart phone for its computing power and all systems look set for tests to take place with kids in hospitals in America. Well excuse me for pouring scorn on such an esteemed institute as MIT but kids have been playing with teddy bears for over a century now and they always make kids feel better so why do they suddenly need a robotic, computerised bear?

If kids want to play with a computer they can have a tablet and if they want a bear they can have a traditional teddy bear. Why would anyone want a teddy bear with a computer surgically implanted within? Come on people at MIT – get a life sorted for yourselves. Kids will get better with the help and companionship of a bear, they don’t need that bear to start searching the internet or any other technological task. They just need a teddy bear hug!

When Davidd was little he only had Great Uncle Bimbo for cuddles and he didn’t turn out too badly. There was no need for a teddy bear computer. Anyway, with Granny about she would only have put the computer into the washing machine and then melted it in front of the gas fire just as she did with Bimbo. So personally, I don’t think the MIT teddy bear is even going to pass the Granny test!

I doubt I will ever get the chance to address the learned people of MIT but if I ever did then I would certainly like to address them on the difference between a teddy bear and technology!

You have been warned.

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