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The other day, Davidd announced that Jammy Toast will be featuring a new series of posts concerning animal cruelty. It was originally Egginanoo’s idea to feature the Show Your Soft Side campaign, but when people complained about the lack of male hunks on Jammy Toast, it was decided to make it a regular feature instead of a one-off story. As Davidd told us on Saturday, it all started over the case of the Baltimore kittens who were set alight. This followed the cases of Daffodil, Caroline, Pokey, Palmer, Benny, Mireille and Elisa, all cats in a rescue program that had suffered injuries consistent with burns.

Their injuries place significant demands on their rescuer’s resources, as burn victims need ongoing veterinary care due to the risk of infection.  They also require experienced medical fosters, as caretakers may need to apply Silver Sulfadiazine on wounds, administer antibiotics and provide hydrotherapy.

The motivation for the non-profit rescue organization to assume so many heart-breaking and challenging cases was Mittens – a kitten who stole the heart of Baltimore and the nation as a whole. Mittens was the victim of a horrific crime, which occurred shortly after she gave birth to several kittens. A teenage boy in the home where Mittens lived took her outside on a balcony, restrained her under a milk crate, poured kerosene on her head and back, and threw a book of burning matches on her.  Mittens managed to jump off the balcony and roll in the snow in a frantic effort to extinguish the flames that were engulfing her body. Astonishingly, she then returned to the home of her abuser to nurse her kittens.

Cindy fostered Mittens back to health, although her ears were burned off and she needed surgery to close a gaping wound on her back that failed to close.  After recovering, Mittens became a therapy cat and started visiting schools, as well as the local Ronald McDonald house.  Her courage captured the attention of the Maryland General Assembly, which passed several anti-cruelty bills, as well as the ASPCA, which named her the Cat of the Year in 2011.  Thankfully, the teenager that tortured Mittens was held accountable for his brutal crime.

Mittens continues to visit schools and has also comforted girls who have been sexually abused.  But her legacy is yet to come.  Cindy has authored a children’s book entitled Mighty Mittens, which is making its way through the publishing process, and sends the message that, “It doesn’t matter how little you are, you still have a voice to help animals.”

When asked where she finds the strength to continue with this heart-wrenching work, Cindy said the answer was simple. “These animals are still happy, sweet, and affectionate, despite the horrific cruelty they have endured.  They teach children so much about empathy and kindness.” Even though Cindy has a law degree and is an award-winning investigative journalist turned graduate school instructor, she admits that helping abused and injured animals is not just her passion, but her calling.  She is currently fostering Russell and Marty, two cats who are recovering from gunshot wounds.

I really do think that these people do great work highlighting the plight of these animals and if you want to learn more about AARF, which helps all homeless animals, visit their website or Facebook page.

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  1. I have a bit of a soft spot for a guy in NY who is not my typical type he has me crying on a daily basis, but behind his glasses there is a pitbull advocate. This guy is my new hero. He has dedicated his life to the bully breeds. I salute anyone standing up for our animal friends ?

      1. Its bad isnt dad. Literally in tears most days. My current lump in throat is a pitbull called Clementine who was abandoned because she is paralysed. My NY dog crush raised funds for an MRI turns out she has inoperable cancer. They are taking each day as a blessing. I cry everytime I see her little face ? but then we all know Im tiny tears .

  2. Okay California Department of Motor Vehicles you win: I’ll relinquish the baseball cap for my license renewal. But let’s be honest, I look more like me with the hat on!!

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