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For some time now I have been getting frustrated because there are just not enough days in the month for me to write my column here on Jammy Toast. It is my own fault, because if I ask Davidd to reserve a day for me then the day arrives and I can’t think of anything to write about. When I do have something to say to you all then there is no space available. So I have done what I have done before and started my own Blog. I know I have had a go at this previously and then given up because it is hard work but I am determined this time to have my own blog – and any of the bears who want to post can come and have a go too. If you want to read my blog it is here at razzibear.com.

Edward gave me loads of help setting it up because, as we know, he is smarter than the average bear. It is only in the early days yet so there is not that much there but hopefully it will grow over time as I get more ideas – I don’t want to just blindly copy Jammy Toast. It is not as fancy as Jammy Toast either, because I just wanted a simple blog that I can operate myself without having to keep annoying Edward asking for help – even though he is always great about offering me any help.

It has been up and running for a few days because I just wanted to make sure it was running smoothly before I let everyone know about it. There is nothing worse than telling everyone about a blog and then it crashes as soon as a few people start reading it. It appears to be steady enough though, so please feel free to drop by and see what you think.

It would be nice if you could leave me a comment or two as well to let me know your thoughts.

Sounds like I am turning into a comment junkie now!

See you all, soon.

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Self-confessed playbear and lady-killer; Razzi has the heart of many of our friends at his beck and call. Although very hard working in his daytime job as an Assistant Driving Instructor, he also likes to play very hard when the day is done. A smouldering look from Razzi has been known to melt many a fair maiden’s icy heart!

57 Comments on “Razzi Writes #81”

  1. Wish I was at work tomorrow, early shift of a bank holiday weekend! People just getting back at 7am, people that have puked all over their rooms and I have to ring and tell them they have been charged and even the complainers! The ones that nothing will ever be good enough! God I miss work.

    Oh and the people who want to check in at 9am. :roflao:

  2. I’m so glad my parents split up when I was 14 due to my dads drug addiction and paranoia to the point where we had to leave in the middle of the night and keep our new address a secret or I reckon I wouldn’t be half as funny as I am now yeno.

  3. If anyone is looking for Fat Bazza, he’s in disgrace after finishing a medium Papa John’s Vegerama on his own without alerting the lads. What a dick.

  4. Dorothy has been so nice to me recently, I think our relationship has turned a corner. She is more relaxed around me and often falls asleep while I’m talking to her. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or if I’m just boring. At least the smacking has stopped.

  5. “Have you seen Pooh?”
    “I hope he’s all right,” said Christopher Robin. “I’ve been wondering about him. I expect Piglet’s with him. Do you think they’re all right, Owl?”
    “I expect so.”
    “Do go and see. Because Pooh might do something silly, and I do love him so.”

  6. Rolf’s lockdown diary 24 May:

    My humans & I have a little ritual. They shout “Rolf” & rattle my harness to summon me for my daily leash walk. I pop my head through the bannister on the stairwell just to check that it’s actually happening. Then I run to the door.

    Rolf x

  7. If horseshoes are lucky, how come horses have four of them but usually end up either carrying some fat bastard around on a fox-hunt or fighting off Millwall
    supporters on a weekly basis?

    Martin Maximus, Derby.

  8. It’s been a windy couple of days. This morning I’m out on pawtrol to check all is ok. There’s bits of twig everywhere and debris to sniff and investigate. It could take a while so I’ve had an extra breakfast. Have a nice day friends.


    It’s a Sunday. Unless you’re lucky and have tomorrow off, in which case it’s Saturday: Reloaded.

  10. We constantly get told to spend less time on our phones but mines got me thru lockdown: twitter, news, podcasts, music, youtube, photos, information, facetime, newspapers, magazines and how to make banana bread. How did we ever manage without them?

  11. Today, for the first time since mid March, my humans took me to campus & let me roam freely. I had a lovely time exploring & walked home on my own. My humans tracked me & intercepted me when I was nearly home so I didn’t cross the road. I’m having a fabulous sleep now.

    Rolf x

  12. Can someone give us a heads up next time it’s World Naked Gardening Day please. Thought I was zoning in on a suet ball earlier and ended up face planting a nut sack. Apologies to the resident of the house with the red door on Argyle Street. Hope Arrowe Park A&E wasn’t too busy.

  13. Fancy a few lagers tonight. Bit short of dough, so I’ll follow my instincts and just nick a crate from the off licence.


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