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We noticed a few of the people we follow on Twitter were also following a young lady by the name of Sarah Andersen (@SarahCAndersen). Upon closer inspection we found she drew cartoons and that was it, we were hooked. Sarah’s Scribbles is her web comic which she has been drawing since 2011. Her comic was initially published on Tumblr, but has since been released it on various services, such as Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter. The comic follows Sarah’s comedic experiences into adulthood and maturity. Last year, she had a collection of her work published into print in a book titled Adulthood is a Myth.

Sarah’s Scribbles focuses on adulthood and the maturity of the millennial generation. Sarah herself described Millennials as “liking to laugh at themselves,” making common use of self-deprecating humour. The Independent described Sarah’s Scribbles as a series of “relatable comics capturing the dilemmas of a bug-eyed millennial who feels ill-equipped for grown-up life.” The web comic is semi-autobiographical, following Andersen’s experiences as well as those of her friends and pets. One comic shows, for instance, how Andersen borrows items from her boyfriend.


Summer by Sarah Andersen

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Andersen’s web comic primarily features the messy-haired protagonist Sarah, who has to deal with social anxiety, body image issues and laziness. Andersen has deliberately chosen not to publish photographs of her face, instead opting to present herself through her black-haired and black-eyed character. Andersen says she primarily gains inspiration from her own life and seeing what people on the internet are thinking and feeling.

We have started to look forward to seeing a new cartoon appearing and we are obviously not the only fans as Adulthood is a Myth won the Goodreads’ Choice Award in the “best graphic novel” category in 2016.

Here’s hoping for many more web comics!

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