Stolen Dog Dumped Because He Had Epilepsy

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Sometimes words fail us here at Jammy Toast and this is such an occasion. Callous thieves stole a dog from his loving family home but then dumped him nearly 90 miles away… after he suffered an epileptic seizure. The criminals took Ziggy, an Anglo Wolfdog, from his house in Fulham, West London. His horrified owner reported Ziggy as missing on a national database and was amazed to hear his pet had been found wandering alone the following day after being abandoned in Wrabness Woods, near Harwich in Essex.

A dog warden from Tendring District Council scanned Ziggy and his microchip revealed the hound suffers from epilepsy and was in desperate need of his medication. It is believed whoever took Ziggy from his home dumped him when he started having a seizure due to not having his life-saving medication. Adam McGoldrick, the council’s dog warden said it was fortunate that Ziggy was found quickly as his life was at risk without his medication.

He said: “It is thought that Ziggy was dumped in the woods after suffering a seizure. His condition means that he needs treatment twice a day at specific times to prevent seizures which could prove fatal and we were able to arrange for that medicine. I have spoken to Ziggy’s owner who is extremely relieved that he has been found safe and well, despite his ordeal, and given the treatment he needs.”

Mr McGoldrick urged all pet owners to get their animal micro-chipped to prevent heartache should they go missing or be stolen. He added: “Cases such as this show how important it is to get your pet micro-chipped, and then to keep the information on that micro-chip up to date.”

Ziggy was stolen from his London home on Monday night and was re-united with his relieved owner on Wednesday.

Welcome home, Ziggy!

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